Making material using your PC

cece_December 30, 2002

I know I need to handle this carefully, as I don't want to upset Spike, even though I do pay to be here (LOL)--


Today on a TV show, there was a lady who showed how she puts everyday items on her scanner, drapes over them pretty material, makes a scan, and proceeds to make her own material to make a quilt.

Now, printing a pic onto fabric is nothing new, but her technique makes the material very soft, and suitable for quilt piecing. I wish I would have taped the show, but will be on the lookout for it to air again.

In the meantime, I thought you might enjoy reading about it. Even if you aren't into quilts, other applications are endless.

She had a very long banner made out of an old photo of her dad, as decorations for his 90th birthday.

I am posting to several groups, so don't be disappointed if the link doesn't work right away.

I am in NO way affiliated with this lady or her site----just wanted to share.

Here is a link that might be useful: Making soft material from your printer

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The Bubble Jet Set has been mentioned here before. I have printed photos, etc. directly onto fabric with my printer but I've never tried the Bubble Jet Set.

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I have the Bubble Jet Set. I haven't made too much with it yet, but have made some fabric labels (with a very small pic), and a couple of quilt blocks.

I actually made 4 quilt blocks, two using tranfer paper for dark fabrics. Of the 4, the two using the Bubble Jet set and white cotton fabric was the best, hands down.

So I can say that it does transfer your design (I have a cheap printer, Lexmark Z22), looks great, feels great. The only thing I can't vouch for is long term.....I haven't tried washing it, nor have I had them long enough to see long term effects, like fading.

I haven't done this yet, but thought it would be something to play with. I thought about doing some dolls with this. Using the computer to do the graphics, print onto the fabric and then sew it up. Just a thought.

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wnlbutterfly, I had planned to make dolls in that way also. I wanted to scan a photo and use the persons (or childs) face as the doll face. I played around with it for awhile and then got side-tracked. Maybe I'll work some more with it now. Like I mentioned above, I have printed directly onto fabric and it works fine and looks good. The Bubble Jet Set is supposed to make it washable. I have heard that it goes a long way and can be reused.

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I had saved this website to my Favorites to check later, but it is no longer available. Does anyone know if you can buy this Bubble Jet at a craft store or was it exclusive to this company? I was very interested in trying this.


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Try this site, mariahw44, Bubble Jet Set. I think that I read awhile back that some quilt shops sold it or a similar product. Good luck and let us know how your items turn out.

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It was difficult to find...either online or from a quilt shop. I have used it to copy my dog's pic on muslin. Worked great. Have only played with it a couple of times. Need to go back and focus again.

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