Some Fall Decor w/ TS finds

christmascandySeptember 21, 2010

I have quite a few fall decorations, so I will break those pictures up as well.

This is my banister as you enter the front door. The garland was in a bundle w/ another garland and a swag, $2.58 for the whole thing.

The scrollwork pumpkin was a TS find last year, and the outline pumpkin was a TS find a few yrs ago. The grapevine wreath in the outline pumpkin was $1 at ARC this year. I made the gold bow from ribbon bought at HL after the holidays for 90% off.



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Candy, you are so lucky to find these neat decorations. I would of bought all of them too. Love both of your pumpkins. To cute.


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Me too, me too!
Gosh Candy, you find the neatest things with your thrifting. "Treasure shopping" as Luvs calls it, and you certainly do find treasures!

hugs, Karen

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Gosh Candy...I think if we lived near ea other we'd have
a problem...We'd probably be bumping into each other at the same TS!
Great finds and prices too. Love the pumpkins and your railing came out lovely.


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Your railing is quite GORGEOUS & a unique style in itself, too! Love how you've created "Fall" in this vignette...hey, isn't that the same "outline pumpkin" that I got while on vacation...thanks for the leaf wreath idea in it...I like that! Jeanne S.

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Punk & Karen,
I have accumulated quite a bit of "stuff" over the years, and I sometimes find things off season, when others wouldn't necessarily want to buy them, but I just put them in the basement.

Jane, I shop TS in several different cities/towns so I have a larger selection from which to choose. You'd need to go to a lot of different stores to bump into me, LOL.

Jeanne, that outline pumpkin has a point in the bottom to hold a candle, but only 1 crossbar, so the candle always wanted to lean. When I found that pretty wreath last week, it fit perfectly into the framework and gives it more presence than just one candle did. I did notice your outline pumpkin in your posting. As Karen has said in the past, we are a lot of kindred spirits on this forum, and therefore seem to have similar tastes!


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Looks super, all the fall colors look nice with your neutral decor as a background. I have a hard time finding blending fall decor in my house.

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That garland and stair is beautiful!!! All of your goodies make a lovely display It always makes me smile when I discover that someone else has found something that I have! We all do seem to have "like" tastes. Thanks for posting.

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