Double vanity

jagpApril 8, 2012

Any input would be appreciated.

I have an eight (8) foot wall on the master bath wall that I need to place a vanity in. My issues is:

- has anyone put two separate 36" or 40" vanities (his and hers) in their master bath?

- or do people prefer the look of one 8 foot double sink vanity?


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I actually like the look and functionality of two separate vanities better, myself. We had that in our old house, and it was a great feature and selling point when we sold. Our current house has one long double vanity, and it is fine, plus really the best way to set it up in our configuration, but I did like having them separate better.

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We have one long vanity with a drop down area in the middle for the wife.

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I prefer the look and functionality of two vanities.

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I prefer a single with two sinks.

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I've been helping DD2 remodel her MBath. After finding, and waiting for months her vanity order has been postponed until August. We're looking for other options and I have mentioned using 2 vanities. She is not sold on the idea. I think it would make her large, but almost crowded bath feel larger. We were already going from the current 72" to 60" double to give more room. No storage closest, so she has a vintage wooden cabinet. Would give her room for bigger cabinet.

It's good to hear 2 vanities are liked by several members.

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We have separate vanities in our master and two sinks in one vanity in a guest bath. I much prefer the separate vanities.

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We'll reach that decision in the future ourselves but to further this discussion along - maybe some visual example may help us all have some context.

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After looking last year for houses already built we fell in love with one new house that had two vanities on one wall in the master bath. Below are two pics from pinterest that show how it might look. My vote is for two vanities :)

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We have one 9' vanity with 2 sinks in our master bath. I love it - lots of counter space, lots of drawer space. I really like how it looks and functions.

If you did 2 separate vanities, what would go in the middle? You want to make sure you can get a broom in there if it's open space.

We have 36" vanities in the kids' bathrooms and powder room, and it's not as much counter space as I would want in a master bath. Personally I'd rather have 1 long counter rather than 2 short counters with space in the middle where stuff could fall off the counter and potentially be hard to reach.

It's personal preference and also depends on your storage needs. You could try mocking it up with boxes and see which feels better.

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I wish I still had a pic of our old bath...the vanities weren't next to each other. When you walked in, the big ol' jetted tub was in the corner across from the door, and the vanities were on either side of it. Shower and toilet were sort of off to the left, you couldn't see the toilet from the doorway, and the shower was across from it. It was honestly such a nice set up for a non-custom home. Everyone who viewed the home liked it. No chance of bumping elbows if you and significant other were brushing teeth at the same time! I never leave anything out on the counter at all, so didn't need a long counter (even though I have one is one long, empty, slab of marble!)

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I think it has to do with the "clutter" one of the couple complains about the other keeping on the counter. I hear realtors say that many complain about the woman's products on the counter. I complain about dh's. Although all he needs is within arm's reach, he still likes things on the counter. He is an "out of sight, out of mind" type guy, but, hey, it doesn't have to bite you to be visible!

Needless to say, we will have separate vanities for our new build.

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We have two 4 foot vanities. They are separated by a large garden tub in between them. I am looking forward to when we are able to move in and I am not hitting elbows with my wife all morning lol

Seriously, we designed it this way to get rid of the tight feeling when we are both hurrying up to get out the door in the morning. have the large garden tub between give a lot of separation. Dont have pics yet, when I do ill post.

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We have 2 separate vanities with a claw foot tub in between. I love this set up- we don't get in each other's way!

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I love separate vanities. We each have a sink vanity, plus I will have another makeup vanity. If I would I would have a separate bathroom...seriously. I am hoping he uses his basement gym/office bath most of the time. He is very neat, but he is a hairy man's man and sheds more hair than me! My hair is to my I can tell the difference.

I copied this bathroom in my design.

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Don't like the seperate vanities. 8 feet is plenty to not feel crowded. You can always put a divider on the couter - a wall cabinet for storage to define the space and keep the spouse's clutter creep in check.

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