Paper Dolls

Connie_KDecember 21, 2005

Do any of you have sites that you can print paper dolls from.

This is what I want to make up for Christmas.

I want to make up a box of dolls for the Girls (big and little) to make and play with on Christmas day.

I am going to print the dolls on photo paper and spray with a clear sealer and maybe even triple thick glaze and then put the dresses on cardstock or even regular paper and I will seal them also. Then we can cut and decorate and put a dot of re-positional glue on the back of them (we can cut the tabs off this way) Thought I would would enclose tiny ribbons, sequins, beads and glue to embelish the outfits. I think they will enjoy this and after it is finished it will stay at Grandma's house so they can play with it on their next visits.


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Here's a link to many other links of paper dolls, Connie. Hope you find some you like...

Here is a link that might be useful: Marilee's Paperdolls Page

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Thanks Red Confetti

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They are pretty easy to find. I have a huge notebook full of paper dolls I printed out. Just start at one site and follow links to other sites. I found old betsy mccall paper dolls online. I wll get my book out and list some sites for you.

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I have my mother's paper dolls from around 1904. They had clothes that you slipped over the heads with fronts and backs. When I get more time I'm going to scan them all.
I'm glad you mentioned it.

for my GD once we used the repositional glue on dresses and they worked out nice. I like the idea of embellishing ready made dolls.

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I recently had lots of fun putting a friend's grandaughter's face on a set of paper dolls which she used to make a birthday card, then a set to play with. The little girl was thrilled to see her face on the doll. Check this thread out which has a whole list of paper doll sites, plus a link to my photos showing some.

Here is a link that might be useful: Link to Thread on my Photoshop Fun

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Spleak - a crazy virtual girl - now has got an interactive paperdoll game. It's quite funny actually. It doesn't cost a dime!

Here is a link that might be useful: Spleak Paperdoll

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