Shopping Part 2....picture heavy!!

PurplemoonSeptember 11, 2011

The white bird pitcher and seashell items came from GW, the Seahorse Jar from Home Goods. I couldn't seem to resist more beach decor for next summer's decorating. Even tho I finked out this year, I really

did enjoy doing it the previous one. (my first time)

Then this BIG shell was $8 at GW and no way could I pass it up. Wish I could get my hands on some small fishing floats to put in it next summer, but they are very pricey on eBay and in the antique mall here.

I'll just watch for some kind of glass balls during the upcoming months.

The small metal candleholder on left is a pair of 'bird nests', from Home Goods. And also the spider web

plate stand. The hanging spider has a purple glass body! The tall rusty candleholder and metal wall

plant holder are from GW. Please NOTE the wall one....its on a narrow wall between my kitchen table

and family-room french doors. Below it is a tea cart (covered right now with sheet while I take pix)

that will be decorated for Fall SOON. In another post there will be a pay attention.

All these Halloween goodies are from Goodwill. Stuffed Witch, looks brand new! A black wreath, which

I've been wanting one to decorate. A pretty swag, that is going above my front door on the inside. And

the witch boot in the middle is a candle!

MORE Halloween finds. Home Goods. A REALLY big crow, a sparkly broom, a reddish mercury glass owl, the tall black 'floral' trio is called acrylic flower branches. Kind of sparkly and pretty. The pearl berry garland is 72" long with battery-operated lights. There's a little box of ornaments in purple, orange, black.

and a CUTE spider candle that I've also added a close-up of.

I have saved the BEST for last. On my 'furniture wish list' has been a vintage/antique teacart. But I've never found the right color and the right price. I kept checking Craigslist and the antique mall, and hoping that

some day I'd get this wish fulfilled. Well Craigslist came thru! This is a drop-leaf on both sides, with two

shelves. I LOVE it. And can't wait to decorate it for Fall, Halloween, and Christmas. Woooo Hoooo.

hugs, Karen (quiz coming later on the wall planter, get ready!)

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Great Day, Karen, you really had a good day shopping. Love all the great beach and halloween things, but I am green with envy over your tea cart. Can't wait to see it all decorated. I think you have definately came out of your "funk' AND ARE READY TO DAZZLE US WITH YOUR DECORATING AGAIN. tfs jANET ( I started to change what I typed with the shift key locked, but decided it was important enought to use Cap on LOL

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I think that witch is just darling, and you found some other great items, but the tea cart is definitely a score!!
I have such fun decorating mine, and I know you will really enjoy decorating yours!
Nothing like some retail therapy to help improve our spirits!! LOL
That was so sweet of your daughter to take you shopping.
Can't wait to see what you do with all of your new treasures!
Is the quiz going to be open message? My students always used to ask if their quizzes could be open book, LOL.


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Janet, I have come a long way the past few weeks, and I probably have Puppy Therapy to thank for most of it. You just can't stay sad around a pup, they make you laugh and give you kisses and share their toys with you. LOL.
I am now excited about getting out my Fall decor and plan to start later this week I think. I'm also trying to do some stuff in the yard after sundown, besides play ball with the dogs. ;o) I have to say, its a whole lot easier to deal with the Fibro pain than to battle depression!
Its nice to be back on track again. And go shopping! LOL

hugs, Karen

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Woohoo many FABULOUS finds!
Great Fall and Halloween decos... but I
must say, I'm IN LOVE with your Teacart!!
It looks like a 'Vintage Beauty'. Not only does it look lovely standing alone..
I can see so many lovely Vignettes on it!
You did real good Girl!


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Karen, so glad that you are starting to feel better. I don't understand what it is about fibro, but I have always noticed that when I am worried or depressed that fibro always seems to flare, making life totally miserable. It is a vicious circle, it is hard to fight depression when you are in such pain and the pain and fustration make the depression worse, sort of like which comes first, the chicken or the egg. I am so glad you got another puppy. Sometimes the best medicine doesn't come from the Dr or out of a medicine bottle. Maybe now that the temperature is starting to cool down, you can get out more and that will help too. I'm really looking forward to seeing that tea cart decorated. You found some great things. Prayers, Janet

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Love that shell, and the cart is fabulous!

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Marlene Kindred

WOW! When you shop, you shop woman! LOVE your tea cart and all of your neat finds. The shell bowl is awesome and your bird pitcher is great too and your other beachy things. And you hit the jackpot with Halloween stuff...LOVE the crow and the spider candle! And the spider web stand is just too cute. You go!!

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Thanks everyone, its so nice to share shopping goodies with you. Y'all truly understand the feelings, and fun, of finding neat things to decorate with. I am especially so thrilled about my teacart, and only you would 'get it'.

Janet, the chicken-or-the-egg thing definitely describes the Fibro vicious circle. As for the 'Flares', those usually have no rhyme or reason. I woke up this morning in such intense pain I was nearly in tears, and it hasn't let up yet. No reason, other than its a fibro flare. I really HATE having NO reason to hurt so bad. LOL, I'd rather have earned it.

hugs, Karen

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WOW...I am (almost) speechless...but I'll try (snicker)...

That Shell bowl...GORGEOUS! & I know those glass floats (or balls) are expensive...keep an eye out when @ Hobby Lobby...this summer I found 3 (diff sizes & colors) for my garden pond but they were macrame'd tog as a wall hanging (50%) so cost me $6, I think

That tea cart...WOW! You are a great shopper, PM! Nice find on that honey! That will be beautiful for lots of your Holiday decor!

What FUN things you found, too...that spider web cake stand...w/purple COOL! And I am coveting the iron birdnest thingy!

Such pretty 'beach' summery tables on this forum...I always love 'em that seahorse jar is just a great find, too! TFS,'re going to enjoy...take your time & decor slowly (it's ok)! LOL! Jeanne S.

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Karen. I hope your Fibro flare has let up. I'm so sorry to hear you are under the weather.
You really made a great haul. The tea cart is Wonderful!
Are you envisioning it decorated?

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Can I just 2nd what everyone else has said??? Great finds and congrats on finding that wonderful tea cart! You will have so much fun using your Halloween things. Love that metal stand and that candle is so cute with that spider on top. Love the sweet little white pitcher and your beach decor items too. Most of all so glad you had a fun shopping day with your daughter. ;o)


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