Should two bathrooms in apartment match?

blondelleJune 14, 2013

For those who have had to remodel a house or apartment with two bathrooms on the same floor were yours totally different, or did they match or share elements between them? This is a rental apartment and I was just wondering if they should be in the same colors and look, or not. How did you do yours?

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Totally different for mine. For functional reasons (they're slightly different shapes) as well as being more interesting aesthetically. We did share tile, paint, exhaust fan/lights, and mirror cabinet style between the two. But different plumbing fixtures and accessories, like dark granite countertop with oval sink in one, white kiln-fired glazed ceramic sinktop with integral rectangular bowl in another.

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Different but related usually works pretty well. I think the overall feel should be pretty consistent, but they don't need to match. If most of the materials repeat but in different colors or finishes I think it looks intentional.

When things like this are wildly different in a house that it otherwise pretty conventional, I feel like the person was experimenting on my dime (since they don't live there and are either renting it or selling it to me), fickle, or did them at different times and used whatever was on sale. When I look at some of the multi-bathroom rehabs on open houses where they are all completely different--I feel like "okay each contractor or each investor's wife got to pick out the stuff for one bathroom".

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When we moved into our home all the cabinetry - kitchen and 2.5 baths were the same material, style and finish. All the bathroom countertops, fixtures and hardware were identical. There was no personality. I prefer the rooms to have some unifying features, but each to be slightly different. Obviously, as palimpsest pointed out, that can be taken too far with disastrous results. I would think for a rental you will want to keep things somewhat more neutral and cohesive to appeal to more potential tenants.

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We are remodeling two bath on the same floor of the house, master and hall. Master will be very modern with large porcelain tiles everywhere. Hall bath is more transitional with large subway wall tiles and a old tub from the 60s. Both will use the same large porcelain floor tiles but I don't think you need to have any shared elements in the two bath.

Personally, I think as long as the bath are not too far off in terms of style they don't need to be similar at all. For example, don't go Victorian in one bath and Euro modern in another. That will be too jarring and probably one of them will not match the rest of the house/apartment. Otherwise have fun designing.

For rental apartment, I'd also think about the ability to rent it out and the ease of maintenance. Sharing tiles might make it easier to store spares for repairs.

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We did master and hall bath. We used the same marble for the counter, floor and walls. We also used the same lighting fixtures. The plumbing fixtures are different. In the master bath, we went transitional. In the hall bath, the fixtures are a bit more modern. I think it works well.

One advantage of using the same tile and marble is that you can save money because you don't have to overorder for two bathrooms.

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In our home, all the bathrooms are the same general style but all pretty different from one another. We have one bathroom left to remodel and we are planning on bringing in the same floor tile from the powder room and the subway tile we used in the master bath to kind of repeat some of the elements.

In my personal home, I like things to be different so they aren't so builder standard. However, if I were doing a rental property I think I would use the same materials in all the bathrooms to try to keep down costs and limit the number of decisions I had to make.

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I think they should have the same tile or tiles and the same aesthetic. Don't do a modern spa and a French provincial.. No,no.

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It is nice to have a similar vibe and aesthetic but they need not be the same materials or exactly matching. Think of an editorial photo shoot, each picture has a different scene but they all relate.

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