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maryanntxDecember 1, 2002

Last year someone posted a link for a website that had card designs with a place for the photo in the middle. I used one of these as a frame for my christmas picture that I designed for my cards. I would like to check out that site again for this years cards but can't find it. Does anyone still have it bookmarked?


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That's okay....I just put a border around the picture and it looks good like that.

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I remember that too...they had some really neat frames...please post if someone remembers it!


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Don't know if this is the same one, but Hewlett Packard has some in their crafts projects.


Here is a link that might be useful: photogreetings

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I tried the HP site, jillzey, but you have to upload the picture to their site. I wanted one that I can take to my Picture It program and put everything together there.
I'll look again when I get home to see if maybe I printed something out from that site that would have the address on it.

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jillzey---what a NEAT site---I just printed out some Christmas cards with my children's pictures in them using the link you sent and they are precious! Thank you!

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