Print Artist 4.0/Print Master

betty_the_villagesDecember 30, 2002

Anyone know if I can use Print Artist 4.0 or the new Print Master softwares on my computer. I am using XP home addition?

Betty in Florida

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PA4 didn't work with my WindowsXP, but I have PA12 (not as good in my opinion as the first PA programs) that works fine, I also have PrintMaster12 (which is my favorite) that has no problems with XP.

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I have XP and I put my old favorite Print Artist 3.0 on it and it works fine!
XP has a utility that allows you to tell a program to act as if it is using windows 98. That lets alot of programs work with xp that otherwise would not.

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What is the Utility and where do I get it?
Betty in Florida

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Betty, you can find it in your programs.
It will go through a few steps, it EASY to do, and will let your program run as if it were on windows 98.
I have used it for a few of my favorite 'old' programs

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I did all that and it did not work.
I selected...I want to use the CD Rom drive. Then, I checked recommended Mic. Win 95, then, I did not know which of these to select...256 colors, 640x480 screen,or Disable Visual Themes.
So I did not select because it said only select one if it is a game or educational. I went to next, it ask if I wanted to test to see if I could use, I hit yes and nothing came up. I did select Always use compatable settings.Still nothing is happening and I still cannot install.
Betty in Florida

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Are you trying to use thr program from the CD drive or did you install it?
I would go ask the question on the computer help forum.....those people over there are GOOD.
Just be sure to give them your computer details, make, ram, OS...that type of thing.
Bet they can help!

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I am trying to use it from the CD drive. I cannot install it. It will not install.
I was over at the computer help group. I will go back again to see if anyone else picks up on it.

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I have Home Edition XP and installed PA 4.0. It works fine with one exception. I have multi fonts which makes it slow to use. Does anyone have an answer? I tried uninstalling and reinstalling with same results. I tried to find the site "Print Artist Lovers" and cannot find it to post the question there as well. Does anyone have their address?

During the install I asked for medium number of fonts the same as I had on 98 computer before it crashed. Below is the list of extra identical fonts that I have.

I have :
32 copies of Arial
35 copies of Courier new
37 copies of Courier new bold
37 copies of Courier new bold italic
36 copies of Courier new italic
3 copies Franklin Gothic medium
2 copies Lucinda bright demibold
3 copies sano typewriter
2 copies Palatino linotype bold
22 copies Times New Roman
72 copies Times New Roman Bold
36 copies Times New Roman Italic
3 copies TW Cent MT Condenser

I have been to MS help then "Control Panel">"Display" and also "Font" without finding any solution. Can anyone suggest a resolution?

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I am having the same problems as Betty. I have tried the compatability wizard with no success. The programme says it is preparing set up files and then sits on the task bar and does nothing else. Can anyone help me. Thanks

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