I've been saving $$$ again!!

christmascandySeptember 21, 2010

Last Sat., Good Will was 50% the entire store!!

You'll never guess what I bought....

The dishes were .25 each so....

4 sage green dinner plates, 4 snowman salad plates, and 4 matching bowls. The sage green looks more gray on my screen, but it is really a pretty sage color.

4 Debbie Mumm Winter Bird dinner plates and 4 matching bowls.

The turkey napkin rings were NIB marked $11.99, and I paid $1.49!!

There was much, much more, but I have recently learned that too many pictures are hard for people with dial up, so I will post some of the other wonderful buys in a different post.



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Candy, I love everything you bought here. I'm so happy for you and all your wonderful dishes you find at great prices. Makes me want to see them on one of your tables, now. The turkey napkin rings are really neat too. I would want to shop everyday if I could find deals like those.


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Candy...great finds at GW..
Great buy on the Snowman plates. I like the Debbie Mumm plates and the turkey nap rings are adorable.
Not long ago...I found out (from Karen) that GW did
discount days. Now I look for the 'color dot of the day' when I go in....but I've NEVER experienced Everything 50% off! I wonder if they do that at all their stores..I guess I should ask ..Of course, if they do, you know I'll be camped out on their Doorstep for sure!


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Our Goodwills have half-off day one Sat a month. And Tues is senior discount day, tho its just 20%.

Candy, I've long said Kathleen is the Kitchen Queen..and I'm thinking you are our Shopping Queen. I never cease to be amazed at what you get and the prices you paid for it.
You consistently score BIG.

The plates are a super buy, and the turkey napkin rings are so darn cute.

Besides your shopping, and your wonderful decorations, you are just one REALLY nice person....you sure took it to heart about whoever here has the slow downloading problems. You're a real sweetie, and lots of fun to boot.
So tell me, don't you have any faults? LOL.

hugs, Karen

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candy...love those sage plates & the snowman look great with them!...what bargain $$$ you saved! And the D-Mum plates are way cute, too! Great finds! TFS! Jeanne S. I found more "apples" today & am :-)'ing! Jeanne S.

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Candy, the prices at your "treasure stores" sure are wonderful. Those sage green plates are so pretty with that little design around the edges. What's not to love about a snowman plate--another of my addictions! You are sure finding lots of Debbie Mumm items it seems. I've always enjoyed her art and even have a few of her plates too. Congrats on your great buys! Luvs

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Punk, I never bought TS dishes before I found this forum, or more correctly, before Karen found me, LOL Now I have more than I ever knew I wanted!!

Jane, I haven't figured out the pattern yet, sometimes the GW's around here are 50% off the whole store on Sat. and sometimes it is only 1 color. They usually have one color that is 50% off everyday, you just have to look for the color that is on special that day.

Karen, YES, BIG FAULT = I spend too much money at TS's, LOL Seriously, I rationalize it because I cut and color my own hair, I don't shop at malls (too expensive), and I do a lot of home improvement projects on my home, so I figure the money I save that way, I can spend on decor "stuff." I also do a lot of my own upholstering or reupholstering, did I mention I "rationalize" my purchases, :)

Jeanne, my kitchen is apples. Can't wait to see your pictures.

Luvs, when dishes are .25, they just seem to fly into my cart! I do seem to be attracted to the Debbie Mumm items.


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Every single piece is lovely, but my favorite is the green plaid plates. I can see them mixed with lots of neat things. And it's always fun to find a great deal.

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"YES, BIG FAULT = I spend too much money at TS's, LOL"

I hate to inform you, Candy, but that isn't considered a fault here. So guess you're still perfect. ;o)
Tho I sure do love how well you 'rationalize'. But again,
you're among champions of that here!
I was never a mall person, or fancy clothes, jewelry, manicures, beauty parlors, etc. But I also never bought DISHES except the every day kind we use. Then after a year on this forum, there I was out buying pretty dishes and napkin rings and cloth napkins. LOL. I never knew what hit me, the Dish Nuts were quite subtle. I don't entertain, and why I have extra dishes and such is a mystery. Except to play with my Invisible Friends here I guess. Like you said, stuff jumps right in the cart sometimes. LOL.

hugs, Karen

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Candy, I love your bargins. I too have developed the urge to rationalize what I buy at TS s, ys or other bargins. I had never been a person to spend money on things just for me, untill the last few years, when I discovered thrift shopping. Now that my family is grown and I have the time to really enjoy broswing and shopping, it is easy to tell myself that I deserve "IT" for all the years that I worked and didn't indulge in anything that wasn't a necessity. Telling DH that I can find a place to stash it is another matter though. Karen said she might have to get rid of her clothes, I"m thinking of emptying the food pantry. If I cook, then I just have to clean, so that might be a good thing. I never bought cloth napkins until Ifound this forum and didn't own any napkin rings. I did have a couple of tablecloths, 2 that I crotcheted and one red one that I embroderied for Christmas. I had 4 sets of dishes before, but that has grown to several, although before I thought I had to have 8 or 12 place settings, now I am looking more at 2 or 4 because of the storage issue. I am also hung up on serving pieces and they are what is so hard to find storage for, since that don't stack well. I envy your 50% of sales, I ask here and they told me that they tried to keep their prices so low thay didn't have to have special sales, but it is funny how the different stores price things so differently. One I go to in VA. when I get a chance prices all their dishes 4/ unless marked otherwise, where the ones in NC are plates .50, cups&saucers 4/$1. Like you, I bought other decorator things at ts, but until I found you galls, I seldom bought dishes, maybe just a bowl or serving dish.I think we are all a pretty thrifty bunch though, don't you.... all the things we get for so little money compared to our friends who don't hesitate to shell out $$$ for a new purse? Janet

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Janet, since you brought up purses--would someone please explain that "addiction" to me???? Why oh why are women out spending hundreds of dollars for a purse to cart their wallet and cell phone around in???? I just don't get it!

Maybe they just haven't discovered pretty tablescapes and vignettes yet--do you suppose that's it???? LOL


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I love the snowmen dishes, I want some!! The plaid are nice too & great for holidays but the snowman ones I would use very day, they are so happy looking! OH, about purses, I just had to go into Louis Vaton??? or whoever it is that makes that purse,we ate across the street from their store & I told everybody I was going in there, I did, clerk looked at me like I was nuts but I examined the purse & it sure isn't worth the money!! GF had a knockoff & it looked almost the same, I had expected super quality but then as we walked down Rodeo Drive, I noticed threads hanging off some of the dresses on display & realized a lot of time the price is high because of location of the store,quality is not always top notch. In fact recently the folks in Beverly Hills have gotten together to get the median strip area of grass between the traffic lanes cut by their gardeners! We in Valley noticed that our street sweeper disappeared long ago. It took tall grass for the rich crowd to notice, wonder if they still have street sweepers! So I think they are lot like rest of us, go shop close to home, learn not to expect too much & think cutting off threads is normal, even on an $800. dress. GF orders tons from catalogs, she got 2 jackets, both white, 1 had sewing machine oil down the front,she asked me to throw it in the trash, I knew why they did that to her, she never sends anything back. Too busy with her work. They keep track of that she said & if she gets fed up with them she won't order any more from them. That co. went on HER black list. I do still like a good leather purse as it just gets better with age & sometimes the TS will have a black or brown that lasts for years. Jan

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