Can a micro/fan combo be easily swapped out for a range hood?

ChatsworthMay 5, 2013

The house we're about to buy has a microwave/exhaust fan combo above the smoothtop range. Luckily the exhaust fan IS properly vented out through the roof, LOL (we've seen a few that weren't!).

We're planning on replacing the smoothtop range with an induction range, probably the GE Profile. It's a small house and so I want to be able to get rid of as much of the cooking odors etc as possible and am concerned that the micro/fan combo might not be all that effective.

Since there is ductwork already there for the combo unit, is it a relatively simple matter to swap out the combo for a good over-the-range exhaust fan? Or are the duct requirements different for a dedicated exhaust fan than for one of these combination units? Thanks!

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Sophie Wheeler

What is the bottom height of the cabinet above the range? What is the diameter of the ductwork? Where does it exit the house, and how far is that from the range?

Because, depending on the answers to all that, and your cooking style, the answer to your question is, "it depends". Do you enjoy high heat searing? Wokking? Pan fried treats? The less demanding your cooking style, the less capability needed by your hood.

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Unfortunately we won't be able to determine any of those measurements until after the closing and we finally have access to the house again. Another thing to add to the to-do list, LOL

As for cooking style: no searing, no wokking, no frying. We are boringly healthy, LOL, and basically the stove/range hood will need to deal with steam (from boiling pasta and steaming vegetables) and sauteeing vegetables. Oven use (since it will be a range rather than a wall oven) will be about 90% baking and 10% roasting chicken parts or vegetables.

On the other hand, I probably have the most sensitive nose in the known universe which is why we have a huge Vent-a-Hood over our current cooktop and I still complain that I can smell things all over the house afterward. :-/

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