do Bosch dishwashers have a drying element?

GoofyYnoMay 30, 2011

specifically the SHU9915UC.


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No, because none do.
But, they do use heat.

call Bosch to confirm.

... and whatever is a drying element anyway?
a heater, or
something that reduces the humidity level of the air?

They do manage to reduce humidity: they use condensation.

Perhaps ask another question.

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My Bosch dishwasher leaves dishes as dry as any other -- if I wait a little while. It does not have a heating element in the bottom (to melt plastics) like older traditional dishwashers. No problems putting anything at all in the dishwasher, though. And it saves on energy, I think.

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dadoes lists three versions of SHU9915UC (06, 11, and 12). Having a look at 12, it shows a water heating component, but nothing that looks to be a drying heater.

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Most European DW's (I'd say "all" but then someone would find an exception) have no heating coil. Miele, for one, is supposed to have one with a warm air blower. In my experience, these aren't very useful, though they might help in a cool house during Winter.

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My Bosch dishwasher does not have a drying element, and I think the lack of one is why most of them are more energy-saving than other dishwashers. The dishes DO get dry, however, at least in mine, and I have been quite happy with it so far.

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The Bosch water heater gets the water so hot during the final rinse that dishes are equally hot when the cycle ends. The side walls start cooling faster than the dishes and the moisture is attracted to the cooler surface of the walls. This is condensation drying and it works very well.
I have no issue with wet dishes in my Bosch and better yet I have no melted plastic dishes like you get with with those dishwashers with drying elements.

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A little late, but found this. Pretty much repeats what jakvis said.

Here is a link that might be useful: How Bosch DW works

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