Advantium OTR vs built in?

williamsemMay 26, 2012

Thinking about putting an Advantium 240V in during the kitchen remodel. There seems to be a size difference between the OTR (smaller) and built in models, but they appear to do the same stuff.

Has anyone used both, or been able to see both? Does one work better? I've seen posts about 120 V vs 240V, so I was wondering if there was a difference here too.

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Yes, the built-in is much deeper and has a larger turntable, since it fits into a 24" deep cabinet rather than between 12" deep wall cabinets. It also has a drop-down door rather than left-hinged. As far as cooking goes, they're about the same IIRC - don't have the specs handy, but GE has specifications pages showing the wattage of the microwave, halogen lamps, ceramic heaters, and conventional heating elements on all of them.

On the last Advantium I was involved in buying, a Profile 240v OTR, only the stainless-steel version had an illuminated control panel, not the black or white models. Not sure if this is also true for other versions.

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Thanks, that makes sense. Do you use the OTR for baking and speed coking or mostly MW uses?

It will be very hard to get a wall unit in my small kitchen, so I guess I have some creative design to work to think about, or some serious consideration to seeing if the OTR model will work well for us.

I have a feeling all the good things I've read in other threads are about wall units, though I may be mistaken.

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About 50% microwave, 35% speed cook, 15% convection. The OTR I was referring to was installed in another kitchen I was working on, not my own, but they're very happy with it (except for the weak exhaust fan when used as a range hood, but that's in part because of their long duct run).

I've had an OTR Advantium 120 previously. I'm renovating the kitchen in the house I'm moving into, and trying to find space for a built-in A240. The built-in A240 must be installed in a full-height wall cabinet; the built-in A120 (which is available in a 27" as well as 30" width) can be installed either in a wall cabinet or directly below a countertop.

Speedcooking in an Advantium requires changing out the turntable tray, so have a suitable storage space for the one that isn't being used at any given time.

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Thanks for the storage tip, I have seen that here a few times and seems widely recommended.

I'm having the space issue too, hence the question! The way the doors are placed in our 12x12 kitchenI have very limited counter space. Mainly one wall that has the range and sink, and a little 30in spot next to the fridge. I'm moving the fridge to the pantry (formerly the washer/dryer cubby) to gain some counter space, but to then add a wall oven I'm just about where I started! I need to see how putting it in the middle of the new narrow pantry next to the new fridge location works. Not sure if I can spare the storage since it's half the length it is now, but deeper, might not even be 30 inches so game over!

But enough ranting. Did you feel that when needed, the OTR was big enough to be a second oven to cook with? It's just two of us, so other than 2-3 uses as a MW on average per week, I envision using it mostly to replace what we use out toaster oven for (and reclaim that counter space!), or for the rare occasions we have company. Might need to bake some rolls, or a side dish or something. Maybe cookies when I have the energy and it's hot out.

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The wall-oven Advantium definitely suffices as a second oven. By and large, so does the OTR version - when used as a convection oven, you can insert the shelf and get extra capacity (IIRC the turntable can be shut off to so you can use the full width of the lower shelf of the oven). When used as a speedcooker, it's fast enough (especially the 240v version, which I recommend) to cook several dishes one after another in the same time you could only cook one item in a conventional 2nd oven. The Advantium can do warming-drawer duty as well. The speed cooking mode works especially well with rolls and bread-wrapped items.

If you can go with 24"w or 60cm (23") cooktop and separate oven, you may buy the countertop space you need. Some of these narrower cooktops give you as much cooking space as typical 30"w range - this is done by using very small knobs at the front, sometimes all four are offset to the right so the left two burners can use the full depth of the cooktop, front to back. These often allow a drawer to be placed directly below them for convenient cooking utensil storage.

The turntable in the built-in Advantiums is 16" round. Don't have the dimension for the OTRs, think it's around 13".

There are alot of imaginative layout options that solve insufficient space problems - i.e. I've used undercounder freezers, sometimes the drawer type, paired with a 30" or 30"w separate all-refrigerator rather than a 36"w side-by-side fridge/freezer to buy an extra 6" of countertop space,, and the aforementioned separate 23"w cooktop and undercounter 24"w oven to buy another 8" of countertop space (see my May 22 post in this thread).

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Glad to hear you found the OTR sufficiently large enough.

Our range and fridge died ahead of our remodel, before I started with all the serious research. We are committed to our new 30 inch induction range and 30 inch FD bottom freezer fridge at this point.

We will likely convert to a single basin sink, saving several inches of counter. Being able to put away the toaster oven will help too. We have to keep a decent size Capresso coffee maker on the counter, it's my husbands favorite object in the whole house. Also the rice cooker we use several times a week, and the soda stream, which for DH comes a close second to the coffee maker. At the moment that's very hard, I'm hoping to move them all to the new counter space that will be where the fridge is now, and hopefully ditch the knife block for a drawer.

Once I come up with a plan for the Advantium, which model and where, I think I'm ready for a layout thread in Kitchens so I can tweak as needed before getting more detailed cabinet quotes.

I took a look in our soffits and they can go, so I will get more cabinet space! Which means I can get rid of the bakers rack and get a more functional table. Very excited!

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I have to say personally I much prefer the built-in Advantiums. For me, it's essential that a pizza box will fit into a microwave. But for dinner plates and such, the OTR will suffice. Turntable and depth is about 13" IIRC, a trick made possible by having the appliance protrude slightly from the wall cabinets and scooping out the inside of the door as much as possible.

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One last advantage of the built-in Advantiums - the rear corners of the oven interior have curved at the edges rather than just bending at 90 degree angles, which makes it easier to clean.

I erred earlier re: installing built-in 120v Advantiums under a countertop. Only the 30"w 120v oven can be installed there, not the 27".

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