need help making the template for candy bar wrappers in ps

Nebgranny98November 17, 2002


I need help with drawing the right size squares in PS for candy bar wrappers. I do not do freehand.....isn't there a way it helps measure and draws a straight line for you?? Does this make sense?? Like making a square for The Baby Ruth size candy bar. I thought there was a way the program helped make straight measured lines!! Is there?? Thanks Nebgranny98

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Granny...a couple of you have a scanner? If so, you could use a pencil and ruler to draw out all the wrappers you can fit, for the different size candy bars, on a single sheet of paper...scan it and then use that as your template for the wrappers....For that matter, you could trace the actual wrapper off a candy bar!!
For a square can go to Insert (top), Graphic/Image, Square...then scroll down (alphabetically) to "Square Empty", then size that. If your ver. doesn't have a ruler (mine doesn't) you can use the Cool Ruler to help with size.
These are instructions for Ver 6...hoping your 12 is similar :-)

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