Candy wrapper template--Country Bumpkin's??

cindytxNovember 14, 2002

A while back, I think you emailed me a blank template for the regular size hersey bar....think you also sent an example of a birth announcement wrapper you had done. Our computer crashed when we moved and I lost the template.....would you please resend it if you still have it?? I made the cutest birth announcement wrappers with it for my first grandchild and the 2nd one is on the way....yipeeee!!! It was the perfect size, so easy to use and I hope you can help again!

Thank you very much (and to anyone else that might share a template!!)



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Hi Cindy...I'm sure CB will be around...but here's a wrapper I have...

href>. And here's a Tutorialhref> Hope it helps!

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Cindy....if you'll email me (so I'll have your email addy) I'll be happy to send you the template again. The one I have is for PrintShop 6! Is that the one you need?

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CountryBumpkin....thank you....I'm sending an email your way!!
Thanks to you too Tiger! I had save that one too, and it was also lost in the move. Didn't have the tutorial the first time around, so that's a bonus! You guys are great....thanks again.

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