GE Profile Induction Range Oven Preheat Time

ChatsworthMay 5, 2013

I am considering getting the GE Profile induction range but have read some posts about issues with the hidden-element ovens having especially long preheat times. We currently have a GE Profile wall oven which is 10 years old and I have always been annoyed at the fact that it takes a good 20 min. for the oven to truly reach a temperature of 350ð, even though this silly oven's beeper says it has reached that temp in less than 10 min.! (uh huh...riiiight)

So I am wondering whether anyone who currently has the Profile induction range can tell me how long it takes for their oven to truly preheat to 350ð. I would assume, based on what I have read about the hidden element ovens, that it will take longer than my current exposed-element Profile oven does �" but I would like to be forewarned if it takes a great deal longer!! Many thanks

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Sophie Wheeler

ALL ovens will take 20-30 minutes to truly reach operating temperature. It's not exclusive to GE. Anyone who thinks their oven only takes 10 minutes to preheat has never used an infrared thermometer to take the temperature of the oven walls.

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Oh, I have never believed those oven-beeps, LOL

I know it takes 20 or 25 minutes for my ovens to preheat (depending on the set point, which is usually either 350 or 375) but I was wondering how much the hidden-element style adds to that timeframe (if at all, which logically I would think it does?).

I mentioned the GE unit only because we are 90% sure that's the one we are going to choose, and wanted to know if others are seeing exceptionally long preheat times with it.

Electricity is expensive in our area and so if it takes 45-60 minutes to preheat that particular oven to a true 350 degrees, that would give me pause ... especially if an alternative range would take less time to do the same thing.

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I have the GE slide in induction range - I too was worried about posts that said it would take a long time to preheat - well, it doesn't! Normal time - about 15 minutes to really preheat, IMHO. I've had this range for about 3 weeks now and love it.

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I have had the free standing version for over a year and it
doesn't take exceptionally long to heat. I usually cook in convection mode which is 25 degrees lower than what you set it for. I learned a long time ago to keep a thermometer in the oven. It is usually pretty close by the beep. I've never timed it but it can't be more than 20 minutes. When I'm cooking pizzas it might be more with the stone in there but definitely not 45 min! I love mine!

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I've had the range version for about 18 months. Love it! I don't notice any difference from my old open element oven. I don't bake a lot, but we do make pizza and casseroles on occasion. I would buy it again in a second! Much to our surprise we even use the warming drawer, and I don't mean as pan storage.

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Most ovens require time to heat. If you happen to live in an apartment building with an elevator - your service might be 208 instead of 220/240.
My DM kept saying her oven just wouldn't heat and we thought she was crazy until a friend said she call home to tell her DH(unfortunately deceased) to turn on the oven to get it pre-heated.
Turns out - DM was right - the service was 208 instead of the standard...

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