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oldalgebraSeptember 12, 2010

I believe the first time I ever posted on this forum was to ask for everyone's help. I had made an arrangement on my front porch and I just couldn't figure out what was wrong. A few suggestions later and it was MUCH more appealing.

So, help me out here. And don't hold back. I know you will be seeing it with a fresh eye and only want to be helpful, not critical.

Maybe the pictures don't belong. May one can stay, but one goes. Maybe it needs more items. Maybe the items are too blah. Maybe some should be taken out. I just can't figure it out. Maybe the basket is all wrong. Should I use one sitting upright with a handle?

Please, please help. I've been up and down the ladder for, oh I don't know, maybe a million times.

I've provided two shots. One is taken from the distance people will be viewing the arrangement. One is a close up to give you an idea of what's in the basket.

OK. Chime in here. PLEASE!

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Well, I love the two pictures but the basket of stuff is just not working there. It's too busy and too indistinct, IMO. You might try a different basket, or even this basket, just filled with white eggs; perhaps with just a red checked napkin liner peeking out and folded down on the basket a bit. The eggs would tie into the pictures but the simplicity of it wouldn't distract from them. BTW, I LOVE your cabs and your gorgeous hood!!!

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I am no expert, so my opinion isn't worth much! I think the basket alone would be fine, or as Lynn said with eggs.
Does your hood vent outside? I am looking for a new hood.

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OA, I love your chicken pics. but not that close to the basket. Do you have a wire basket you could try with your eggs and napkin? I think the basket would be neat there w/o the chickens.

After going back and looking some more. How about moving each picture down a few feet if you don't want to add anything. I'm sure you've already tried this, huh? Do you have some plate holders to hold the pictures up to try this?

Beautiful looking kitchen!!! Hope you get this figured out and take more pictures of your kitchen to share with us, please?


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Yep! Definitely better.

Now what??? I don't have a wire basket, but could keep my eye out for one. If I stick with this kind of basket, do you think I should get a darker color?

Kathleen, the hood vents outside. FIRST one I've had in all the time I've been married. It's wonderful. You could cook fish all day and never know it by the time the dishes are washed.

Punk, what do you mean by moving the pictures down? Do you mean moving them closer to the edge?

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OA...I love the chicken prints! My first thought was to use an egg basket (black colored) with just your eggs & a farmer's red handkerchief as a semi-liner. (the prints & your stove hood made me think "black.") So I googled ...& saw this one on Amazon. I do like your change in baskets though (in the latest pic above). Beautiful kitchen! Jeanne S.

Here is a link that might be useful: Black Egg Wire Basket

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I agree what a beautiful kitchen..
I think Jeanne is right, a Black Wire Basket..
would look good. You could use a really large sized one up there and propped up (I've used wood blocks that are not seen) to elevate the basket and give it more height. It's kind of lost up there.
I've even taken a basket and tilted it forward (propped up from the back) to bring it's contents into view. I think what Punk means is to move the Prints down to the other side - left of the basket and put them together...JMO
I'd love to see the end results..
You have a beautiful us more!!


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I would work with the corner of where the cabinets meet, rather than where the wall meets. I really,really like those prints. I would place them on the right side...window side... on some kind of stand. As far as the other side??? an oblong basket, upside down, with other items on top. Do you have any ceramic roosters? Hope that doesn't throw you way off.

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Looking at this again...
the last thing you would want to do is Block those windows..
From a Focal Point Design...the windows with the pictures in front...would create too much of a distraction to the eye...prints...competing w/windows ...
Also, for might consider the prints to the Left of the basket... and to the Right of the Basket...A ceramic piece would look nice.. Or, perhaps Two pillar candleholders.
For an idea of what I mean, take a look at Pottery Barn below..


Here is a link that might be useful: Pottery Barn White Pillar Candleholder

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I'm not good at this kind of thing, but am enjoying reading everyone's responses. I'll be following your process and can't wait to see the final outcome. ;o) Luvs

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I'm looking into the wire basket idea. In the meantime, here's another couple of looks.

Also, my original idea was to put some sort of sign up there. - something with a little bit of a
used or vintage feel - or maybe use the subway sign idea that is so popular right now.

Gosh! This isn't working for me. Maybe I'm just not satisfied with the prints. I GIVE UP!

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For me, I'm having a hard time with the corners, the cabinet corner, where they meet, is not in line with where the wall above meets, unless that is just how the picture is showing it.

It is throwing me off trying to see where your focus should be, and I think Cyberdancer had the best suggestion for that.

I love the prints & think they really add some color to your white cabinets, but I agree that the corner of the cabinets should be your middle line.

Beautiful kitchen, by the way!!!!

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ooohhhh I love the cabinets......
I have a big(probably 12" tall and 12"or so in diameter) old wire egg I need to send it to you??? It may not be an antique, but it is getting close (like it's owner who is TRYING to get rid of STUPH)
Let me know.........

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Jaybird, you are so nice to think of me in my Time of Great Decorating Need. As you know now, I've decided to give up on the chicken pics. But I do appreciate your offer and would certainly not hesitate to take you up on your offer if I were still going down the chicken path.

So, tell me, is stuph French for stuff???!!!

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jaybird my best 3 Stooge voice!!! ;^)

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