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BonilynNovember 14, 2004


Over on the Crafts and Decorations forum there is a wonderful idea posted. It involves placing a picture on the front of a Jiffy Pop popcorn container. Some of the ideas are great. Does anyone know a website that would have graphics I can download and enlarge? Or maybe a program that has stuff like that?


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Raggedy Scrappin' has some free graphics that would work

Here is a link that might be useful: Raggedy Scrappin' free graphics

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Thanks for the site. I belong to a weight loss group and they had some really cute graphics in there for us!!!

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Check out for some cute graphics

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Hello everyone! My name is Carol Ann and I have done candy wrapping as a business for over 5 years now. My husband and I have NO OTHER source of income except candy wrapping! So far so good! LOL

I also CREATE designs and sets of designs to use on candy wrappers and our ROUND DESIGNS are GREAT for items like the popcorn mentioned here!....Great Sales all the time! might just want to take a look.....
Happy Wrappin'!
Carol Ann

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