New M. Bathroom design

LaberglundApril 12, 2012

Sorry for the primitive design, but does this work?

Room dimension: 14x12

We'll have a pocket door separating the vanity and closet from the rest of the bathroom.

We felt like the old design wasted some space, since we were unable to use all the walls in the closet, and we also didn't want to have to access the closet via the bathroom for privacy issues.


Posting the old design for comparison.

Here is a link that might be useful: Old plan

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Jack Kennedy

If i were doing your updated plan... Id put the toilet under the window and extend the close all the way back to the wall where the window is.

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Or for more privacy flip the tub/shower to the window wall and move the toilet across from where the linen closet is now. I just depends on what you value more - closet space or more floor space/privacy for the toilet.

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In your situation, it isnt worth the expense, in my opinion, to move the toilet. (your old plan had it in a much better place, resulting in less lost floorspace to "hallway".) You are also losing space in your closet, actually, to the floor again.

In your situation, I'd probably move the toilet to adjacent to the proposed tub and under the window and extend the closet all the way to the back wall. 7' width is wide enough to get 2 hanging rows of the full depth (if you want lots of closet space), and enter from the bedroom to the closet.

Or, if you aren't crazy about that much closet space, post both drawings up for comment. There is a better solution to the one you have posted.

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I actually much prefer the original plan. It had a sense of spaciousness whereas your new design feels very cramped. Far to much of the available floorspace is wasted on the "walkway" to the toilet. I also think you wind up with LESS useable closet hanging space than before. Without counting corners twice, how much linear wall space do you actually have in each design to put clothing rods on? In the original design, it looks like you have about 20 feet (12 ft on the back wall plus 4ft each on the two side walls.) In the new design it looks like you only wind up with about 16 ft (8 on the back wall, 5 on the wall next to the bedroom and 3 on the other side wall behind the linen cabinet) Overall, it just doesn't look like a good renovation to me.

If you really want/need the additional privacy afforded by having the tub/toilet in a separate room, here is a modification of your design that would allow that while not eating up so much of your current closet space.

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Sorry to be repetitive. Kirkhall posted while I was prepping my response so I hadn't read his.

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I talked with someone today who told me that people are tending to want a walk in shower these days, rather than a tub with shower. Thoughts on this?

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Ok, going a whole new direction here.
I think we're going to plan on doing a walk in shower, and plumb in a tub to put in a few years down the road.
I came up with this, but I'm guessing it's probably not using space super well.

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I don't think your picture posted the way that you thought. At least it isn't very helpful here...

Bevangel has a very good plan laid out for you.

As for shower vs bathtub--
Do you bathe? I ask because I do not. And, I haven't since I was probably 7. I hate the idea of setting my rump on a tub bottom...

If the house has another tub, I'd not hesitate to do a walk in shower only in your space (as Bevangel has posted it). Will you have a large hot water tank/endless hot water? Many tubs, in order to be bathe-able for the adult (think soaker tub), need a lot of water. And therefore, never are used after installed because the homeowner figures out the water gets cold before it is full enough.

Some thoughts.

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Go with a tub/shower combo OR with a walk-in shower. Forget trying to have both a shower and a separate soaker tub. Don't even waste the money running plumbing for both. The space you have just isn't big enough to accommodate both unless you want to give up practically ALL of your closet space.

Since your house has another bath with a tub, you don't have to have a tub in the master. (Code only requires one bathtub in a house.) Most adults would probably agree that they use the shower far more often than the tub. If you want a walk-in shower, you can certainly have one. While you can tile the shower alcove, I would recommend that you use a plexiglass door/wall on the front side instead of tiling. (See the link below) It'll feel more open and you don't really have the space to build a tile wall enclosure on the front side.

Here is a design with walk-in shower for you. Note that I made the window narrower (24" instead of 36") and made the narrow end of the closet a little narrower because a walk-in shower is usually a bit wider than a standard alcove bathtub.

Here is a link that might be useful: shower door you could use

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Wow, bevangel, nice work!! I'm impressed.

We went with a walk in shower/no tub in our master because we shower so much more often than we bathe. We have a big bathtub in the guest room bathroom I can use - or the hot tub. We've been perfectly fine. Though I am excited at the thought of having a master tub too in the new house (with a window)!

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Bevangel's plan is really the best use of space. That last mocked up plan you did has a confined hallway that just won't work. Is there something you don't like about bevangel's plan?

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I do like Bevangel's design. Thank you.
However, I was envisioning more of a square shower, with glass walls on 2 sides. My husband and I share a 6' reach in closet at the moment, so he feels that such a huge closet as drawn above is in excess. Does it work to take a few feet from the closet in order to have a closed off toilet (with pocket), which frees up some space for a more square shower? Also, this frees up some space for a closet into my foyer/great room area which would be great for storage/vacuum, etc.
This is my final thought--if it doesn't look right, we'll probably end up going with Bevangel's design and be done with it.
Thanks so much for your thoughts.

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You need at least 24" in front of the front edge of your toilet bowl in your water closet to be legal. Since you don't have dimensions, I can't tell what your toilet room long dimension is. ( seems your new linen closet would be 3x3 as pictured, which leaves only a 4' toilet room--not big enough). Though, 3' deep linen/hallway closet is really too deep.

where would you put your closet door? bedroom wall or vanity wall? I think you could do either, but one gives you more closet space.

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I my closet getting too small? I'd really like a 72" vanity rather than a 60", so would need to move the linen closet to accommodate that. I know the closet is plenty big enough for my husband and I, but for resale?

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A 7x8 closet would be a bit snug for me and my DH to share unless it was a home we were starting out in or sharing early in a marriage and just didn't know better. I say that because our last closet was about that size. Our new closet will be 10x6 1/2 which still isn't all that large to a lot of people but larger than what we're used to. And it is a nice sized closet which we are having built out really nicely. But it could have been bigger. 7x8 is about the same square footage as my kids closets that are roughly 9x6 and they have a decent amount of storage. But it wouldn't be enough for two of us.

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And, I wouldn't put the linen closet there. Move it to the useless corner in a closet this size--up to the corner of the closet opposite the shower. (nothing else will really fit in that corner anyway. Yes, this way your closet door swings to a wall, but you lose the hanging space this way.) You might should really consider a pocket door or outswing depending on room size.

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