Hard type of lamination?

Linda_IANovember 7, 2003

Can anyone here tell me what I need to make hard laminated pages? I don't know what to call it. Hoping someone here will be able to understand this....Here in Iowa, our Drivers License are laminated with such. Does it take a special machine and if so, what is it called? Any idea on cost of doing this type of lamination? Thank you for any help in advance!

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Linda - look at the link below for The Library Store. Once there, enter the word pouches in the Search box. Scroll down to the 'heat seal pouches.' If you are specifically looking for driver's license size, they have them. They have other sizes,too. Note that the 'hard' laminate is usually the 5 mil. lamination. And these do require a heat machine. It MAY be possible to seal them using an iron (they come with a foil wrap that you use over and over), but I haven't tried it. I'm sure there are many other sources. This will just get you headed in the right direction. I have also seen some of the small ones in office supply stores.

Here is a link that might be useful: The Library Store

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Thank you. I'm headed there now. I really appreciate your help.

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Linda, I used to work in a print shop we used 10 mil on some things. You can't hardly bend it at all. But like Red said... 5 mil is pretty thick also. I used 5 mil on my mothers memorial cards. The only draw back is that you have to have a machine. We had one that you could turn the temp up or down depending on the thickness of the laminating pouches. I don't think an iron will work. I think I tried this one time and it didn't work.

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Thank you glucille. I appreciate your input.

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