Shopping Trip Part 1

PurplemoonSeptember 11, 2010

My wonderful DIL said I needed a fun day, and she took me shopping yesterday to some of my favorite stores. Kirklands and Hobby Lobby. Not only did I badly need a day away from the house and some retail therapy, to have her do this meant so much to me. She is extremely busy and hardly slows down from early morning till bedtime. She not only takes care of her DH (my Jason) and 3 children, she volunteers at the kids' school and their church every day, keeps a beautiful home, and also is taking online college courses to get her teaching degree. So I seldom get to spend time with her even tho they live minutes from me. This was a real treat getting to shop with her for a few hours. (even tho my body hates me, LOL).

I will do two emails since so many pictures so it will be easier on the folks with dial-up. Yes, I went nuts in those stores. ;o)


the candle tray came with scented oil, and those sticks, to put in the bigger holder. Suzie and I both got

one of these! The mercury leaf plate and bird we both got too. Also the bag of big faux acorns and crackled acorn. ( I got the acorn dish at Michaels. Raven at Hobby Lobby)

The box the candle tray was in also was a big hit....with Jazz aka Trouble! He was determined to fit

into it. LOL.

Part 2 later, have to get dinner done.

hugs, Karen

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I forgot to add photo of candle tray. Also I resized all the pictures and in the 'preview' they showed up a lot smaller. I don't know what happened that they came thru
wrong in above post. :o(

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Karen, I looked & looked for a candle tray, DUH, finally found it, thanks I don't need your help to think I've lost it!!!!


Love everything you bought, the raven is great for Halloween, the mercury items are beautiful, the candle tray is super for fall and Jazz, what can I say, he reminds me of a two year old kid, has to get in & investigate everything!

You have a SUPER GREAT DIL, what a nice thing for her to do & I know how busy a mom is with 3 kids, so you are blessed!!!

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Karen, your raven is so neat, love the big bag of acorns too!Very pretty leaf plate and the bird goes with it so well. The pictures of your kitty squishing himself into that box are precious! Not hard to keep him entertained, is it? LOL Did you buy the big leaf tray and the goodies on it today also? Sorry I got a bit lost there. ;o( So glad you had a fun day shopping. ;o) Luvs

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I guess I was so excited seeing your Shopping Trip Part 2...I missed shopping trip 1 !!
What a wonderful DDIL you have. I think from what you said about her being so busy, it was probably 'Retail Therapy' for Both of you!
Great things at these the Raven and I think my favorite is....
'Jazz In The Box' !! lol


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Wow, PM! I love the Raven with the etching or painting on the wings,,,and the other bird & mercury leaf are gorgeous! Beautiful "Fall" items! That candle tray has such a lovely shape & love all the glass holders & accessories! Great finds & kudos to your DD-I-L for making time for this trip tog! TFS! Jeanne S. (Jazz...LOL...cute pics!)

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I like all your purchases. Certainly the raven is something very special. But I have to say that your kitty photos are so darling. Nothing like a determined kitty!

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How thoughtful of your DDIL and how fun for both of you!!Obviously, you both have similar tastes to buy the same things.
I like the little acorns in the bag, would be great for fall decorations anywhere.

LOL at Jane's "Jazz in the Box."


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Karen, WOW, so many more great things you found. Now I know after seeing all this and knowing what you do on a daily basis why your body is aching. It is going to be fun to see how you display everything.

I agree with all the above including TROUBLE in the box. It's great that you and DDIL had fun shopping together. She does sound like a very busy lady.

Take care of yourself and am so happy you got to shop till you dropped yesterday.


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Good for you, Karen! Glad you got out for some retil therapy! Love all your treasures, the box, who knew?
Off to see part 2

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Jazz in the box is the 'cat's meow" :^)
The leaf and little birdie are beautiful!
Hugs to your DIL too for being such a sweetie!

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