Best Electric Range Rec (no induction)

Mrs_NyefnyefMay 11, 2013

My sister detests her Whirlpool electric range, and wants to replace it. There is no gas service in her area, so it must be an all electric range. She has two friends with two different induction ranges, and both buzz so she is adamant about not buying an induction range (please don't try to argue otherwise, believe me it's not worth it).

Her budget is pretty flexible. She wants a range with a good quality oven with good racks. Any suggestions would be welcome.

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This seems very concerning. Perhaps you can persuade your sister to divulge the makers of these errant induction ranges so other unknowing folks here can benefit from her experience.

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I have induction. I don't usually try to convince others to go induction except for a few instances and this is one case.
Pans make a difference.
It might be worth trying different pans on her neighbor's induction.
Tonight, I am making chicken broth in a Le Cr Dutch oven and no buzzing. Most of my layered pans make some noise but with the fan running it isn't too bad
All clad, CIA, calphalon, etc are layered and more likely to make noise. (I have them all plus others- 1-3 of each)
Gas makes noise. Standard electric is quiet.
The noise of induction supersedes all noises. Some make more than others.

OK- you want standard electric- but consider these thoughts.
-induction heats the vessel- electric heats the surface
-safety of induction supercedes electric and gas.

I think your sister should re-think her aversion as budget is not an issue. I don't think she will be satisfied with any electric.

I have the wolf 36. A lot of Thermidor folks say "no buzzing" but I have not tested this.

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They do not all make noise, buzzing , etc.
Need proof? watch this:

(Click the helpful link at the bottom)

Note the "Cleanup" at the end of the video.

I had what your sister is looking for, perhapys the most expensive and fanciest one ever made. It was a pita to clean, lasted less than 2 years, almost burned the house down etc etc.

Love our induction, we are in our 70's, well wife 69, and we feel much safer using it than gas or conventional electric!!!!

Our typical electric bill is I credit part of that to my Induction since 84% of the erergy used, goes in the pot/pan, gas 38% and conventional electric somewhat over 50%.


Here is a link that might be useful: Induction Breakfast

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I'm not going to argue induction (though I do favor it), but I have to ask if your sister has a list of things she doesn't like about her existing Whirlpool and/or has a budget. Having that list or a budget range might make it easier to steer her to something.

Without that, we're pretty much shooting in the dark. I can tell you that Consumer Reports recommends the Kenmore 92613 (IIRC, made for Sears by Electrolux-Frigidaire), the GE JB705STSS, the LG LRE3023S, and the GE Cafe CS980SNSS. In that order. There are other recommendations that follow in CR's list, but those are a start.

Friends of mine have the GEJB705 and like it a lot. I have little first hand experience with it (and I'm prejudiced against radiant electrics). It does have a bridging element (useful if you like using rectangular pancake griddles). The convection oven oven seems to bake pretty evenly, judging from the pepparkakor (ginger snaps) they made on multiple cookie sheets. Standard bake turned out a very evenly browned julekage. The broiler seemed to work pretty well, as CR also concluded. My friends think it does a good job simmering and is reasonably quick at bring pots to boil. The one time I used it to boil water for pasta, though, I thought it was slow. (By slow, I mean ti took about 19 minuts to boil 6 quarts of water; my gas stove does it in 14 minutes and an induction stove will easily do it in 10 minutes.) The oven racks seemed to be the standard oven racks you find on almost every major brand stove. So, take them out of the oven before running the self clean cycle. IIRC, my friends paid around $900 for their GE.

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Dodge- very impressive electric bill!
Our electric bill is also less than before but we live in the Midwest and it is combined gas $ electric.
I can't totally credit the induction as we put in LED lights in the kitchen and a new AC for the house. And I am cooking more as it is fun to cook!

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Yep, I did the same things, a2gemini, took out halogens in kitchen , replaced with Led's, that alone saved over 200 watts, replaced florescents in master bath, with Led's, New AC but rarely used, energy efficient windows etc, gas fireplace so we don't need to run the forced air heating, etc etc.

I think JW is on the right track, what does sister not like about the range She has now?

My self, "IF" I had to buy a conventional range, It would have to be one with knobs, or at the very least, a touch pad no where near the cooktop surface, as it gets dirty, especially with the baked on stuff from the high heat there, and that'w what "Totaled" our expensive conventional electric cook top, and easily could have burned down the house.

WE would be sitting , watching TV, the darn thing would unlock itself and start beeping----which drove the wife crazy. I would shoot the touchpad with cleaner, scrub a bit and the thing, "Usually" shut up, but as time went on, we had to turn off the breaker to silence it.

Anyway, Hence my EXTREME dislike and trust of a conventional electric cooktop with "touchpad controls".

Induction cook tops do not get hot enough (near the surface of the touch pad) to bake anything on, secondly, an induction cook top will not come on without a pot/pan on it.


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I don't know what her budget is but I was extremely pleased with a Thermador electric. The 4 burners had 6 sizes, and the 8 or 9 pass broiler was great. The oven was even heat and I had no problems in 5 years. Recently spoke to buyers and they had no complaints in their 5 years. Instant high heat on the burners but the cool down was like expected, slow. Presently my DD has a Kenmore and she is very pleased. One thing I like better about hers is the slight speckle on the cooktop. Mine was solid black and showed dust.

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If her budget is flexible maybe she should consider LP conversion

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Sophie Wheeler

Electric radiant is the same no matter if you are buying a 1K Whirlpool or a 6K Viking. Performance wise, you might as well save money and buy the cheapest thing that has the layout that you like. You don't get any better performance from paying any more. It's still the same crappy burn everything you try to cook performance. THe only differences are in some of the layouts of the burners like a griddle burner or the varying concentric rings of burner sizes for the same burner.

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Safety is one main reason that I like the induction over the standard electric - the glass surface still gets hot but it cools quickly. It is only hot where the vessel is covering the burner.

MrsN- hope your sister comes around. If not, maybe the next round.

Dogde - I have a question offline - when you have a chance, please email me. I don't check it often, so might not respond right away.

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Thanks everyone for your input. When I said in my OP, "please don't try to argue otherwise, believe me it's not worth it", it's cause I have tried. However, this thread is good, cause I can show it to her. It may influence her more than I can, with the whole "sisterly thing" going on (you know, the "I remember when you sucked your thumb, and now you are giving me advice?").

If my sister changes her mind about induction, it still must be a range, not a cooktop, due to the configuration of her kitchen. She also said that nice rolling racks are important to her. Is Electrolux the best bet for an induction range?

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