L@@king For Red Rose and Leopard Font...

sapphiresNovember 11, 2002

I am l@@king for red roses alphabet font or dings and leopard alphabet fonts or dings. Tried doing a search myself with no luck. Has anyone seen any someplace? Thanks.


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I found a font that might work for you it's called "rose note"


There is a whole bunch of animal type fonts on this page, maybe there is one you can use.



Here is a link that might be useful: Rose Note Font

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What about looking for them on
rennysniche.com. There's lots of
fonts there. Have to sort thru them.

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Here are the font sites I visit the most. None of them have the endless windows you click thru only to end up on another site. They don't have lots of annoying pop-up window either. They are fairly easy to navigate because the fonts are in categories.
I don't know where to find the things you are looking for. Usually I just browse thru the sites and download whatever catches my eye at the time, because I figure I'll never find my way back to it again!

font freak- http://www.fontfreak.com/
who fonted?- http://masonboroarts.com/whofonted/
font machine- http://www.4gee.com/font/index.htm
larabie fonts- http://www.larabiefonts.com/index.htm
fonts & things- http://www.fontsnthings.com/
web font list- http://www.webfontlist.com/


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I think most of the ones on Rennysniche are "alphabets" and not fonts. When you download an alphabet, they come already in the colors you want...fonts have to somehow be colored or used with one color...and you use fonts differently than you use an alphabet...

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Thanks to you all for your help, some great sites were given here. I will check them out.

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