Simple Country Table Setting On Our Porch...

slinkeySeptember 5, 2010

Well, it's been MONTHS since I've done a Table here...

Since we lost our Neice last Mother's Day, and with so much 'Stuff' going one here...I just hadn't been able to 'Get Myself Together'. You all have kept me inspired throughout the summer and I've enjoyed All your wonderful tables and 'Treasures'.

So, since DH and I had some 'Quiet Time' by ourselves this weekend...I got inspired to put together a table. It's small and simple..but it's a start again, for me.

Hope you enjoy sitting at our 'Simple Country Table !

Most of what's on the table is from CTS~

So you know this was 'Cheap...Cheap...Cheap !!

The cute little Sunflower Bowls - CTS $.99 ea

The Basketweave Plates were from last Fall's 'Ultimate Garage Sale (coming up again in two weeks!)

I seem to remember that I got 4 plus a bowl, for $2.

The napkins 4- $2 and the Birdhouse Napkin Rings $.25 ea.

From Ocean State Job Lot. The small Salad Plates were from Big Lots..$.50 ea. Placemats - CTS, $l. ea. Green Rope Flatware - CTS, $4.99 (kathleen has them too).

S&Ps..were from GW - $1...The cute Firefly Jar - CTS $1.69

They flicker like real fireflies!

The little Sunflower Pitcher - CTS $1.99...and the plate under is an (orange slice) CTS - $1.

The Sunflower Basket - CTS $1.99..Flowers CTS -


Hope you enjoyed your stay... You're Welcome Any Time !!


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That is lovely, Jane. So cheerful! That firefly jar is so cute! Like the corn salt and peppers too!
Glad you felt up to doing a table. It's a GOOD thing!

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Jane...your place setting looks like a "flower" in itself (the looking down view)...some Garden Junkers are the GJ forum make glass flowers out of dishes that look like this... your flower pattern is very, very pretty!

First thing I noticed were your "lightning bugs" ...that's what they're called in our area, anyway...just love that. I am green with envy over these great CTS buys...since we don't have any CTS stores here! I really like the diff textures of your dishes in the place setting...& of course, the corn S&P shakers ...& sunflowers! Everything's lovely...would love to sit at your country table! TFS! Jeanne S.

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How wonderful you felt like doing a table again, I know its been a hard summer for you. And what a wonderful table! Everything is so pretty, and that view....I could sit for hours just admiring it. I love your little red barn. 'Country' is definitely my style ;o)

hugs, Karen

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Oh, Jane, it's just such an inviting setting. In fact, the first picture looks like a staged movie shot, what with the porch railing and the little red barn in the background.

Of course, you already know I love "our" plates. They're a perfect fit for this tablescape.

Like Jeanne, I just get so envious when I hear all that talk about the Christmas Tree Shop. Both your little sunflower bowls and the green rope flatware really speak to me. In fact, I remember seeing the flatware before (Yes, I think it was in Kathleen's postings) and wishing I had a few sets of my own.

By the way, I love the table and chairs too.

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Okay, Jane, that's really going the whole nine yards when you paint your chairs to match the silverware! LOL Just teasing, but I do love that soft green on both.

I love sunflowers, those cute little bowls and the woven mats, but have to admit my most favorite thing is that cute little firefly jar! It is too cute and just says "summer evenings" to me. California does not have fireflys, would you believe that? I used to frequently have a jar of them by my bed at night as a kid growing up in Mo.

So glad you had a little quiet time for you and your DH to sit back and just enjoy each other's company and your pretty scenery.


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Your table is just perfect!
I am sooo jealous that you have CTS. Everybody keeps showing all the wonderful things they buy there and we don't have them in CO. We don't have fireflies either, but that little jar is just too cute!

Glad you are back to sharing.


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Thank You Everyone, for the nice comments.

Kathleen (Martha)...yes, 'It's A Good Thing'..Thanks.

Jeanne...I went back and looked at the place setting again, and saw the 'Flower' ! So do you mean they put them together like that, and then put them in their Garden?
Must be fun to see. As far as 'Lightning Bugs/Fireflies...Same Thing...I guess it depends on what part of the country you live in..actually I've called them by both names...Also heard them called 'Glow Worms'!!

Karen...thanks, I enjoy that view too..actually the view goes further by the little barn, there's a pond down below (wild life preserve) and also stone walls. It's a nice view during the different seasons.

OA...Yes (our plates) funny we found the same ones. I forgot to ask...Did you ever got more to add to the ones you have? As far as patient, they are traveling fast and furious across America!! One could be on it's way to your town soon... Since BB&BY bought them out, they really have been expanding.
Those chairs are EXACTLY like the ones my DGM had in her kitchen. Hers were painted turquoise..when I saw them at a Flea Market, I had to have them. We painted 2 green and 2 white. are too funny 'painting the chairs to match the flatware' ! I have to agree with you that the Firefly Jar is my favorite too. It's really prettier IRL. I didn't know CA doesn't have FF... Maybe I should grab up a few 'real ones' and mail them out to could start a whole new thing going

Candy...thank you. As I mentioned to patient on having a CTS near you. Check out their web site...they sometimes mention where new ones will be opening...Ya Never Know!!

Thanks again everyone..


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Just as Jane suggested, I went to the CTS web site (CTS is coming to Dallas) and looked at its flyer. The last page had some great looking plates with a boarder of oak leaves and ACORNS. Boy! Maybe it's a good thing we don't have one out here.

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Jane, what a neat table setting. I love all the sunflowers and wonderful how well your salad plates match the inside of the little sunflower bowls. The sunflower pitcher is so cute too. The firefly jar is perfect on this table. I like the basket filled with sunflowers. What is it made out of? Almost looks like rope?

The corn S & P are pretty cute. Our corn isn't doing well this year. Alot of silk but the ears are not filling. Can't remember ever seeing this before.

Agree with Karen. When I looked at your first picture I thought what a cute barn with X's and O. Had to look again to see that is the door and a hose? or something round hanging on it.

CTS has such great buys that I would have a very hard time if there was one close to me. This is why I don't order on line.LOL


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Thanks Punk...
I got a chuckle from your post...
The Doors of the Barn are known as 'Crossbuck' doors. That's where you see the 'Xs'. The 'O' you see, is a Grapevine Wreath! lol
I guess not seeing it up close, looks like (Hugs & Kisses)...cute thought...
The Sunflower basket is made of Rope & Metal. They had different sizes..and for the price, was made really well.
Glad you enjoyed it all...
Hope your Fair went well...I guess you're 'chilling now'.


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DH would love this table as much as I do--he loves sunflowers, and that we have some sunflowers is his one input on our landscape!

I have some S&P's like yours and I think I got them at GW too. I relly love the basketweave plates. Your table invites a closer look and is very subtle instead of some of the sunflower tables you see in magazines which shout at you!

I'll have to try to copy some of your ideas (I'm saying this for the umpteenth time!) for my special DH.

- Magpie

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Jane, here's a couple of the GJ gang's plate flowers that Jeanne mentioned.

hugs, Karen

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Jane, Your table is so pretty, and such a peaceful setting.There is a CTS in my area but it is really out of the way for me and I have to drive through a heavy traffic area to get there so I don't go unless I have someone take me. Just as well I think I could get in a lot of trouble there. It seems as though they have too many things I can't live without!! haha, NanaKaren

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slinkey you checked out the locations and saw a new one coming to Texas...
Yippie for all you Texans!!

Magpie..thank you...but I've seen 'your style' and I like it just fine. You have to give yourself more credit than you do...From what I've seen, you have a wonderful eye for decorating and tablescape design....(how's that table coming along from DH?).. If you're like me, you probably wanted it done yesterday!!
Also, I seem to remember you scoring some great TS items...I'm waiting to see them 'in action' !

Karen...Thanks for the plate flower beautiful and so creative.. I would have never thought making something like that using dishes. I love the B&W floral one..very pretty.

Nana...thank you. I know what you mean about getting into trouble with a CTS nearby. I really have to use restraint when I pass by there. It's very hard not seeing what new stuff they have. Think of it this have more money to buy 'Other Stuff' !


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OA, you just had to tell me about those plates didn't you??? You just knew I'd want to go look too, right???? Well, for whatever reason--probably because this computer won't load Flashplayer--it wouldn't open the flyer for me! Whew! I was imagining myself saying to heck with postage charges and trying to talk Kathleen or Jane into going shopping for me! I think I need to move DH out of his "office" now that he's retired so I can put shelving in there for more "dish storage". (No way he'd go along with that idea!) LOL


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Being a huge sunflower lover, I can't imagine a more lovely end-of-Summer table, Jane! I love everything about it! The woven placemats add the perfect rustic touch to it. That flatware is wonderful, as are all your sunflower touches. Gosh, I'm envious of you having a CTS close by. Hopefully we'll get one someday. My friend, Bonnie, has one of those firefly jars and I think they're darling. OK, I want the entire table . . . and your pretty view, too!

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Hey, I have an idea! When the bus gets here, we can all go to the new Christmas Tree Shop in Dallas. You Yankee folks can give us the store tour and we can all have pretties!!
Ms. Jane, it is great to see you here and your table is lovely! The little sunflower pitcher (of course) is my favorite!!
Karen, the GJ flower plates are beautiful..
Thanks all for posting,

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Ahhhh I thought the new CTS in Texas would catch Jay's eye!! Jay...I'll have to check with Kathleen's schedule to see exactly when we can head out your way.
We'll gladly give you the 'VIP' tour!.... I wish!

Oh Luvs...what temptation OA put before you, seeing those acorn plates...! Just say the word, if you really want them shipped.. I'll be happy to send them off.

Lynn...thanks... I know how much you love Sunflowers!
They do bring on a cheerful mood by just looking at them.
CTS is heading all over..Jay will be having one in Texas..
so hang on, there may be one headed your way soon.
Speaking of 'Pretty View'...who can top YOURS?... Located on a mountain looking down on that view with the sunsets at night..yours is just beautiful! (I'll trade)..


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