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PolentaMay 10, 2012

Yes, the dealer has made money on the first range we'd bought. I had no idea there was such a thing as White Glove service until the dealer arrived to look at the range after the fire and asked me whether we had received this service. My answer to his question was no.

When we decided to purchase Culinarian, the dealer made his money on that purchase as well. Since BlueStar refused to issue a refund, the only way to get our money back from the first purchase was to put the replacement BlueStar range up for sale, either privately, or as a showroom exhibit. We felt we had better chances of a sale from the showroom floor. I fail to see on what grounds I could have asked the dealer for a refund because all they did was sell us a range we had ordered through them form BlueStar. What happened with that product was not the dealer's fault. The chief culprit here was the procedure BlueStar uses to check or maintain the quality of their products. That particular range should have never left the factory in the condition it was in. It's as simple as that.

I'd like to thank you all for the suggestions I've received on this forum. Unfortunately I have to leave the country for a couple of weeks. I might give a thought to obtaining legal advice on the whole situation at the end of the month.

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