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sapphiresNovember 12, 2002

I am just discovering fonts so perhaps I am doing something wrong. For instance, when I downloaded a font the alphabet letters sample (at the site)had green lettering and a red ladybug with spots. I downloaded, unzipped and installed in a folder I made for them. When in MS Word and using that font it just shows up black, if I change the colore the whole letter or word is color. I am NOT getting the look that I thought I downloaded. Would or could someone explain that to me. Thanks.


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It is a little deceptive when they show you pretty colored font samples like that. All fonts & dingies are black.
You can open up the font in certain programs and fill them with patterns and colors. In word processing programs like Word you can only change the font/dingie to a solid color.
Maybe someone here can tell you the programs they use to re-color their fonts.
I use Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator which are expensive professional programs. I use them every day in my job, so I am not much help when it comes to how to do things in consumer-level programs.


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You can color them in "MS Paint" or "PSP" (these are the ones I use!)
Open the Paint program and Tpye the word you want in the font that you downloaded. You will have to make the font size REALLY big to see the details.

Then using the "Paint Can" tool fill in the areas that you want colored.

You may find that the color some times "leaks" to another area or to the background. This is because there is a gap in the outline of that area or letter.

I "Zoom" in to magnify the area to see where the gap is and using the "Pencil" or "Paint Brush" tool on the smallest setting I close the gap in Black. Now you can go back and recolor the area the way you wnat it.

If you use "PSP" you cna play with the textures as well as the colors. This way you can make Patch work type designs look like they are fabric etc...

The first time you do it might take a while, but I found that I have gotten alot faster the more I played with it.

If you have more questions or this is not clear enough to you let me know.

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