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jenni_caNovember 22, 2002

Can someone tell me how to save a list of favorites in Internet Exployer so that it can be viewed by others.....maybe copy it to a disk and put it on other computers. Wanting to save a list of city websites and then have it be used by others in the office.

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Oops, I think I meant to post this on the computer forum....sorry.

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LOL! Jenni...happens all the time. It's as easy as putting a floppy in your A drive. Then Right clicking on Start and going to Explore. Open the Windows/Favorites folder, the contents will be in the right hand screen. Single click (to highlight) the first site you want to copy. Scroll down and while holding down the Shift Key, single click on the last site you want to save. This will highlight all the one's in between the first and last. Right click within the highlighted area, and select Copy. Open the floppy in your A drive and right click, then Paste. They will be copied to a floppy for you to share.....on the other computer(s) just Copy and Paste them to the Windows/Favorites folder...
You can also do this by using the File/Import and Export feature in I.E. The Wizard will walk you through it.Hope this helps!

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