The Season is Upon Us

oldalgebraSeptember 11, 2010

I bet you thought I meant the Halloween/Thanksgiving/Christmas season, right?

Nope! The Number 1 season around here is Football Season.

At least that's what 50 percent of the people who live here think.

Having been Tailgating Fools for so many years, we have just about any tailgating item you can think of:

rolling gas barbecue, 10 by 10 tent, mammoth ice chest, chairs, gas heater,

rechargable blender, roll-up table and my personal favorite, dishes and glassware up the kazoo.

No longer as young as we used to be, we limit our tailgating experiences to one or two a year.

But ladies, I still do the dishes thing!

Here's our opening weekend bar set-up.

I used the grass placemats I made for Earth Day last April. Even Mr. I-Hardly-Ever-Notice-Stuff

recognized them as artificial turf.

Soon after purchasing a set of Penalty Glassware we realized they were too awkward to use

(awfully heavy, really), so they ended up being more of a decorative item than a usable one. I put

paper bag cones in them to convert them to french fry holders.

Napkins are "penalty flags" and napkin rings are whistles.

Centerpiece is made of a number of things I've collected over the years.

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Fantastic! I always love seeing how you decorate that wonderful area. Its a great Sports Bar!

I wish my son could see this (actually I will send it to him!) He lives and breathe college football, especially Alabama Crimson Tide! But also likes the Pro teams too. In fact he just bought another TV, so now he has THREE big ones mounted on the wall of his "man room" and said he won't miss ANY games on! (My DH goes over to watch a lot of the games.)
So I do know what THE SEASON means! LOL.

hugs, Karen

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Very nice Have you seen the COKE bottle shaped like footballs? If I had small kids around I'd get some

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Love your artificial turf placemats--so perfect for this event! Great reuse of the heavy glasses, would never have thought of doing that but it's a great use for them too. Cute centerpiece with all the football items, and like Karen, I just love your sports bar area. Hope your team wins! ;o) Luvs

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You always come up with such fun settings!
I love that 'Sports Bar' ..perfect spot to enjoy 'Munchies...A Cold Beer, and a Good Game'.
I remember your clever Placemats..nice to get extra mileage using them again like this.
Great idea for the French Fry holder and Love the 'Whistle Napkin Rings'...another clever idea!'ve got a Million Ideas churning away with these tablesettings...Love them and keep em coming.


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Ahhhh, what team are you cheering for!!! Oh, SF ...guess I've heard of them...LOL ! Are those a string of "football" lights!!! The flatscreen tv & bar set-up is cool! Turf placemats...10 yds, yellow penalty napkins..10 more yards, repurposed glass for french fries...touchdown! Rah! Rah! TFS, OA...& just darn happy to hear that you still tail-gate a couple games a season! You go, girl! Jeanne S.

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OA, you are so amazing with all your ideas. You keep us well entertained here with all your fun tables.

Jeanne what a great response. We have gotten out of going to all the games but my DB lives in Benica and loves the 49ers too.

I noticed you added fall leaves to your darling centerpiece. Does this mean we can expect some fall decorating soon?LOL Our weather screams fall and it takes me forever to get all my decorations up so I have to start early.


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Three TVs in one room - my hubby would think he'd died and gone to heaven.

I've never seen those. In fact, I can't quite picture what you mean. Are they US football shaped or European football (soccer) shaped?

Yes, I have been having fun creating tablescapes lately. Hope I don't run out of steam when the REAL holiday season begins.

Yes, those are football lights. They're much more attractive than the photo lets on.
Say, did I hear you take my team's name in vain?
Shame on you!

Punk, it's still very warm here too. So I'm not sure when my first fall tablescape will get off the ground.

Thanks everyone for the nice comments.

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OA, I love your fall/football decorations. I live in Florida so we really don't have a fall. By the time it starts to cool down it is January then before you know it we are sleeveless again by March or April. So I rarely decorate except for pumpkins. Yours looks great!!

Karen, my children and grandchildren love Alabama. Their pool rooms are decorated in football things, they wear their A shirts when there is a game, the flag goes up, etc, etc, etc. Real fanatics - however, my daughter's husband graduated from Auburn so they have a beautiful picture of Alabama on one side and Auburn on the other with the words - A House Divided. I just retreat to my painting room so I don't have to watch any of it.

Or I can play with my dishes which always makes me feel good.

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Not a football fan, but I am a fan of that table. The whitle wrapped around the napkin, just great! Cute helmets too!

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Paintingfool, sounds like Jas and your family would get along great with their Alabama love. (He once told his wife he "survived that fire so he wouldn't miss any of their games". LOL.) Last year they did a family portrait for their Christmas cards, here is what he came up with.

I really got a kick out of the 11 yr old as a Coach.

hugs, Karen

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It's all cute....what team was that??? huh???? I may have heard them mentioned once......
Karen...that photo is great!!
OA you are too smart for me!!!

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Hey, it's Coach Bryant in his younger days! How cute is that. We have family ties to pro football, but our real love is college football. How fun that the entire family is so involved.

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OA, Jas worships Coach Bryant!! His room is full of photos and portraits of him! The littlest one is an obsessed ball player of ANY and ALL kind. He comes home from school, and immediately changes into his full football gear and usually puts the black stuff under each eye too. He'd probably sleep in that outfit if they'd let him. You should hear him explaining game plays to me or his other grandmother. 7 yrs old and sure knows his stuff. LOL.
Suzie is actually a Notre Dame fan, but will root for Alabama. She knows that Ala RULES at their house. ;o)

hugs, Karen

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I love your football cheering section spread, OA!!! What a fun idea! The penalty flag napkins with the whistle "napkin rings" are brilliant . . . and so are your artificial turf placemats! Your centerpiece using the autumn leaves and helmet is wonderful, too. We spent Saturday afternoon cheering on the Oklahoma Sooners, but I didn't do anything special for it. I know that DH & DD would appreciate something like what you've done, so thanks for the inspiration!

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*Suzie is actually a Notre Dame fan*

What a relief. At least there's one sane person in the family!

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