Flooring for walk-in closet

blackchamoisJune 8, 2012

Once I get through my kitchen remodel I am planning to update my master bedroom and bath.

Currently the entire space - bedroom, bathroom, and walkin closet - is carpeted. Yes, gross in the bathroom! I plan to recarpet the bedroom and put tile in the bathroom. I am stuck with what to put down in the walk-in closet. (Note: one must walk THROUGH the bathroom to get to the closet. So the bathroom is sort of in the middle with the bedroom on one side and closet on the other.)

Here are my options:

1) carpet the closet

2) extend the tile from the bathroom into the closet (I don't really like this idea as, though I think it would look nice, the idea of a cold(er) hard floor doesn't really appeal to me.)

3) put the same wood floor that is going in the majority of the condo (kitchen, dining, living, hall) in the closet as well.

I would love feedback (and pics too) if you have experience with this issue.

Thanks much!

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We are currently doing the same thing. We are putting hard wood in the bedroom, tile in the bathroom, and carpet in the closet. That will be the only carpet in my main level now. I just like the way carpet feels in a closet.

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I wouldn't add wood as a third flooring element in the space. I think having carpet in a closet is really nice on the feet. Or you could extend the tile and put a beautiful area rug in there.

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We have hardwood in both bedroom and closet, separated by tile in the bath. I have dust allergies, so didn't want the carpet in the closet, but a small rug does just fine if you want something soft underfoot. Don't miss carpet at all.

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Hardwood in the bedroom, hardwood in the closet. Stone in the bathroom.

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My husband is a carpet installer. 90% of his business is spendy upper class homes. I can't beleive it but most people (in Texas) but carpet in their large walk in closets :o Our bedroom closets are carpeted but I don't like it. I was hoping to put the same tile that's in the master bath. Just seems easier to clean. I've seen hardwood in large walk-in closets on HGTV.

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for you it sounds like maybe the tile w/the area rug in the closet would work.

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I like the idea of carrying the tile into the closet for ease of cleaning. (I too currently have carpet in the master bedroom, closet and bathroom -ick.) I would possibly put some type of rug down in the closet. Though if you really don't want tile in there, there is nothing wrong with doing carpet.

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Thank you for all the great feedback!

olychick - I think you are right. A third element will look too choppy.

So it's either the same carpet as will be in the master, or extending the tile and putting an area rug down, as many of you have suggested.

I don't have to make this decision right away, but I now have a little more clarity thanks to all of you!

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We have the same setup and are in the middle of a bath closet reno. Recently put hardwood in bedroom. Will be going with tile in bath and closet. Since these areas are on the small side, I'm hoping having continuous flooring will make things look larger. Tile will also be on the diagonal. Had considered radiant heat in both the bath and closet but had to cut due to budget. Will probably put down an area rug in the closet.

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