b&w photo needs a touch of color....How??

mscarolNovember 27, 2006

Hello I am hoping someone can help. I have some black & white photos I would like to add a little touch of color for a punch. Example a child in a pumkin patch & color one or two pumpkins orange. How is this done?? I have a print shop program. Any suggestions is Greatly appreciated. Thank you

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I'm guessing this is what you're wanting to do.

What I did:
Open the color picture in your program.
Copy or open the same picture on top of the 1st one.
Change the top picture to black & white.
Then, using the Eraser option, erase the areas you want to have color.

I use an older version of Adobe PhotoDeluxe, but I'm sure you can do it in whatever program you're using. I'd say it's pretty much the same procedure. You're going to need two copies of the color picture, change the top one to b/w and just remove the areas where you want color.

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ahhy yes this is what I have been trying to do! Thanks so much for the how to country bumpkin al. Nice photo also. Merry Christmas

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