Candy Bar Wrappers

Nebgranny98November 17, 2002

OK....I am going to let go of my pride and ask for help once again. I so want to make the candy bar wrappers. The tutorial Tiger posted is great and I am going to order a few things from the company. However...I am not good with free hand things. And I have NEVER been good at MATH...and I do not know how to measure and draw a straight line in my program which is PS 12 . I am asking for help via instructions on making the templates. I believeI can design just fine , however the first step is to get the measurements and template made to design on!! I also need to be reminded of how to duplicate the template once it is finished so I can print a page full instead of just one...Is there someone willing to be patient and help with this?? Thanks Nebgranny98

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Don't know if this is what you're looking for, but I save it from a long time ago when someone posted it.Hope it helps!

1 qt. paint can is 13-1/2 Inches long by 4-1/2 inches high
Hershey snack size candy bar is 2-1/2" wide by 3-1/2" long
Full size Hershey bar 5" wide x 5-1/4 long
Slick of gum is 3"wide x 2-1/2" long
Campbell soup can is 3-1/2" Wide x 8-1/2" long
Soda Pop Label 4-1/2 wide x 8-3/4 long
Kit Kat bar is 3-1/4 wide x 4-1/4 long
M&M bag is 3-1/4 wide x 3-1/2 long
1 qt Paint can lid takes a No. 5295 Avery label
Rolo's round candy 3-1/2 wide x 5" long
Lifesavers 2-1/2 wide x 3" long
Charleston Chews 3-3/4 wide x 10" long
Reg. size Almond Joy 4-1/5 wide x 7-1/4 long
Reese Sticks and Cups 6" wide x 6-1/4 long
1.5 oz. Hershey's Symphony 4-3/8 Wide x 4-1/2 tong
Fuji film Canister 4-1/8" around x 1-7/8 . top to bottom
Matchbox 2" wide x 4-1/2 inch long
Peppermint Pattie 4" wide x 7" long
Mr. Goodbar 6-1/4 wide x 6-3/4 long
Dentyne Wrapper 2-3/4 wide x 3-1/2 long
Tic Tac 1-1/4 wide x 5-1/4 long
Baby Ruth 4" wide x 4-1/2 long

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Thank you Country Bumpkin, but I have the measurements and what help with is drawing the box to the correct measurements!! Like, Baby Ruth 4" wide bt 4-1/2 long..where and how do I do that in printshop[?? I am not good with free hand, isn't there a place where one does not have to free hand it in this program ?? This is what I am stumped on, can you help with this? Thanks Nebgranny98

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Wish I could help you with that, but that's the same thing that always stumped me! Surely someone here can help! Sure hope so!!

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Granny...see my response to your other post...hope it helps!! Let us know...
Oh...and another thought...LOL! Has anyone checked into the "Label" function of the program (I haven't) to see if any of those templates can be used for different candy bar sizes??? If so, Granny, once you do one with the graphics, it will appear on ALL the "Labels"!
If not using the "Labels" function....once you have one wrapper done (with all graphics and text)...Go to Edit (top) and then Select All...this will (should) highlight every element (all graphics and text). Then...Go to Arrange (top) and select Group. This will group ALL the elements together as ONE image. Then you can go to Edit (top) and select Duplicate (for as many wrappers that are on the page)..and you can put them into the individual wrappers...

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I use Word Perfect and the "label" feature works great for wrappers. There is and "edit" feature that allows you to key in the height and width of the label, determine how much space you want in between, and how many lablels (wrappers) you want per page. You can save the label you create and name it for use again. My first grand-niece was just born and I made wrappers for small pink candles with her name and birth info on them. They were a hit.
Hope this helps.

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Hi Dixispell:
I do not have Word Perfect. I do have Microsoft Works Suite, have not used it much yet as it is on my new computer and have not had it long!! Is this a similiar program to Perfect and do you think it might work ?? Thanks for the response...Nebgranny98

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Nebgranny, I use the templates in Picture It for my labels and it works very well. I made wedding candy wrappers for a friend and had to make over 100. I was able to print quite a few per page by using the templates.
Also when you make a design in Picture It you can size it whatever size you want the label to be, then add your graphics, etc.

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