Please help me with SubZero: repair, replace, or change brands?

gellchomMay 1, 2013

Okay so our 20 year old SubZero side by side, which came with the house when we bought it in 2011, needs repair. It will cost about $800 (in addition to what we spent a few months ago). However, that will pretty much make everything new on the refrigerator side.

The repairman, whom I do trust, said it really was about 50-50 on whether to repair or replace. He said he would guess it will last 5 more years if we repair it.

He said that he does recommend another SubZero instead of a less expensive brand. I'm sure you know all the pros and cons of SubZeros generally already, including the vastly reduced energy usage of the new ones, but one other factor is that if we stick to SubZero, we can reuse the wood panels that match our cabinets, which would otherwise add a substantial amount to whatever other brand we'd get.

It's the smaller size, I guess (I would HATE it if we didn't have a cheap regular fridge in the mud room). I wouldn't have chosen it, but I've been very satisfied with it.

I hate to plunk down a big wad of cash right now because we have our daughter's wedding coming up! But if it's time, it's time.

What are your thoughts, please? Do you know how much energy is saved with a newer refrigerator? I really need advice.

Thanks in advance for your time and help.

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That's less than 10% of the cost of a new one, so I think it's a given to repair - especially if you like everything else about the unit.

What was repaired before and what does it need now ?

Look at it another way. You could easily spend $800 bucks on a regular white fridge from Sears and it will prob last 5 years till it needs replacement and with that you'll have less storage and none of the benefits of the built in / SZ.

The only wild card I see, and don't know - is how reliable the system is and longevity will be with the new 134 freon that will go into it. Repair man may have some insight into that. In theory it should be the same if engineered and preformed properly.

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I'm generally all for the latest and greatest but depending on what area you live in $800 might not even cover the sales tax on a new subzero(in my area it would be at least double that amount for sales tax for most sz's). I know 20 years is getting on in years but one of the reasons one buys a good product like sz is that they are repairable not disposable. I highly doubt the energy savings would be huge. I'm betting you could keep that running for another 10 years without spending even close to what a new one would cost. On the other hand dealing with repairs can be frustrating and time consuming, and of course you could potentially lose food stock with a breakdown, although less likely since you would probably notice there is a problem before food is spoiled and you do have a secondary unit.

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