Dutty, I have a question for you.

farmhousegirlApril 21, 2012

Love your house! I can't wait to see the finished product!

I was wondering where you got the inspiration photo of the gothic home. I've been trying to draw this type of home for our architect and he doesn't seem to get me at all.

I am hoping the home you posted has a floor plan also (inspiration photo home) Thanks so much!

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I think this is it.

Here is a link that might be useful: House

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Red Lover!!! Thanks so much! You are so kind! This is so close to what I've been trying to relay to our architect, and he doesn't get it! Can't thank you and Dutty enough!!! Thanks a million!!

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Hi Farmhouse Girl... isn't that inspiration house dreamy? My architect kept calling it a "footloose" house so I'm not sure its his favorite style ;) but I just love it!! I hope the floor plan works out for you!! We tried to get close in our design but I'm not sure its close enough. Sigh.

Thanks Red Lover for finding that link! Do you know I found the picture looking in google pictures for Gothic homes and never actually found it at SL!! Now I get to see it up close! :)

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Thanks Dutty! Yes, it's dreamy! I love old homes and this is very similar to what I've drawn for our architect. He doesn't seem to like (or understand) what I'm explaining.

Ha, I thought I'd looked at every house plan on the entire web! I can't believe I didn't see this one!

Can't wait to see your finished home, Dutty! It's fantastic! Are you doing a metal roof? Is that vertical run siding? (forget what that's called, but love it!) We have very similar taste.

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Yep... it's a metal roof and that'll be board and batten (I think that's the term) for the concrete siding (hardie plank). I actually updated the look a bit and it's getting closer to the inspiration... at least I think so! I'm getting so much feedback here that the house keeps getting better. I'm sure everyone is sick of my posts at this point!! :) Check out the revisions in the link.

I so hope you can get to what you're looking for... it's been such a struggle for us to get to this point and I know how maddening it can be. Sigh.

Here is a link that might be useful: Window Updates

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Farmhouse girl - I'm going to share a link with you. We almost built a house by this architect 6 yrs ago when we built this house, but it ended up being out of our price range. I have looked at several of his houses that I love that I know I could easily tweak and would meet my needs for this build, but like Dutty I've kind of got a picture of another house stuck in my head that I can't get out.

Click on farmhouse plans after clicking on stock plans. I hope it's ok to post this.

Here is a link that might be useful: Houses

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