Anyone changed out a Bluestar Range from natural gas to propane?

kam76May 20, 2013

I found a deal on a natural gas 36 RNB bluestar but I need propane. The dealer seemed to think it would be very expensive to switch over (the cost of hiring someone to do it) even though the part is only around $100. Has anyone DIY'd this or paid someone and how did it go?

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Sophie Wheeler

From what I understand, there aren't interchangeable at all. There are two versions with completely different piping, regulators, and orifices. You'd have to change out everything that was important in the range, not just the orifices like on a consumer grade range. That's WAY more than $100. More like 1K+.

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I don't have any experience with these expensive stoves. However, my impression is that they are designed like old classic simple stoves and therefore would probably only need a specific gas regulator designed for propane. I looked on the Bluestar site and their install manual is listed. Here is what appears to be the answer I expected for you.

This appliance can be configured to work
with either natural gas or LP gas. Verify
that the appliance and the incoming gas
supply are compatible. Check the rating
3. The gas supply line must be the same size
or larger than the gas inlet of the appli-
ance. Your appliance has either a ýâÂÂ
NPT or þâ NPT gas inlet connection. We
recommend the supply line be üâ NPT
larger than the gas inlet of the appliance.
4. Sealant used on pipe
joints must be resis-
tant to LP gas.
5. An installer provided manual shut-off
valve must be installed in the gas supply
line ahead of the appliance. This shut-off
must be easily accessible in case of emer-
6. All gas cooking equipment must have a
pressure regulator on the incoming service
line for safe and effi
cient operation. This
appliance is equipped with such a gas
pressure regulator. Incoming gas pressure
should be checked with a manometer.
The correct manifold pressure for natural
gas is 5.0â wc. For LP gas the correct
manifold pressure is 10â wc.

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