Nebgrammy--my Printshop directions for making candy wrappers..

marciakmNovember 18, 2002

This will work for Printshop 10, 12, 15 and others probably!

Choose "blank page"

Under "insert" choose "shape"

Click on the "square shape"

Right under "fill color" is a place where you can check "hollow"

Click "ok"

(later you can go back and change colors, or keep the fill color and choose colors, but for now follow my directions)

Now you should see the shape on your page.

As you adjust the size horizontally or vertically look down at the bottom of the page on the far right. You will see the inches numbers change as you play around with the shape.

For example if a KitKat bar is 4 1/4 long x 3 1/4 wide: at the bottom my numbers will be 3.25 x 4.25.

Then you can pretty much eyeball the rectangle into thirds--1/3 is the front of bar and the other will wrap around the back. Play around, waste a few pages getting the bar to wrap exactly how you want it to then "Save"

Once you have one good wrapper made, you never have to figure anything out again. Just go to your predesigned wrapper, make changes on the colors, graphics, wording, etc. Then "Save As" and give your new design another name.

Let me know if you have any questions--I never use templates like everyone is always begging for--if you have the measurements you can make any size wrapper by using the above instructions. It is SO EASY. Good luck

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but you know who you are! LOL

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WOW, between you and Tiger I am all set!! Thanks for the help. As I just told is so easy is HARD~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ LOL

I have wanted to get into these for a long time!! Now I can give it a good try !! Nebgranny98

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Hi, I just read your email sent yesterday. If you need any more help let me know but the directions that 'marciakm' gave you are great and on the money.
Good luck, Steve C.

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