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zippimomNovember 9, 2002

Christine mailed me this project.

I have a set of inexpensive clear glass dessert plates. I recently thought of creating decals (window clings) for the upcoming holidays to be used on the bottom of the plates. In my graphics program (I use PA 12.0) I designed 3 circles as guides on an 8-1/2 x 11 page. The circles were the diameter of the bottom of the plate. I added a graphic to each circle, experimenting with a turkey, a cornucopia and a wheelbarrow with a fall arrangement. Text can be added - Example: Happy Thanksgiving 2002 and you could add the guest's name (like a placecard). Be sure to print these mirror image. Once printed, I sprayed the ink side with acrylic spray to protect it from moisture. Then I cut out each one just inside the circle and peeled away the backing and pressed onto the back side of the plate bottom. These could be saved and reused in future years. I even thought it would be cute to put the following saying on the plates under the pumpkin pie: "If you are reading this, you survived Thanksgiving at the Stone's". The possibilities are endless... Christmas, Valentine's Day, Birthdays... any special season/holiday/occasion.

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What a neat idea, grandkids will love helping
with this project. THANKS

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This is a great idea!! Now I have to buy more dishes!

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I did kind of the same thing, only used the clear plastic plates---worked great. It was for a bunch of my friends and it was cute how many wanted to take them home! I didn't think of spraying them--DUH--I put clear contact paper over the graphic. Spraying them would have been much easier and cheaper, too. Great idea, Zippimom!

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