Pairing the Montclair Danby with white quartz ???

lilloJune 14, 2013

It doesn't seem that my bathroom job has an end . When I find the right stone , I get the wrong fabricator . When I find the right fabricator I can't find the right stone . What a luck !!!
So it's either I go back to the first fabricator and swallow my pride and pay the extra charge with a smile , just to finish the job with the calacata .
Or I have a good fabricator but with one slab of the Montclair Danby that is not enough to finish the job . I can use the Danby for everything except the tub deck . Do you think I can pair it with a white quartz for the tub deck , while having the polished calacata marble on the floor , and the white ceramic on the wall .
I don't want to have a mismatched bathroom after all this effort and money .
Any advice or suggestions.

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Do you have a photo of both slabs? There are so many different Danbys (nine, I think!) and I'm not sure what white quartz looks like, unless you mean like a Zodiaq or Cambria quartz.

I have seen white quartz (Zodiaq, etc) look beautiful when combined with marbles. Often people use it for the horizontal counter surfaces when they don't want the marble etching hassles.

I guess it sort of depends on your layout--what will be next to what, etc. Off the top of my head, with out seeing your layout, I would say no, don't have those two surfaces be mis-matched. You have gone to too much trouble with this bathroom to settle for something iffy!

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You are right Shanghaimom , I am crossing my fingers so that I can get my white calacata back from the first store , and do the whole job from it . I will keep you posted . Thank you for your advice .

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FINALLY , I will get my first choice of calacata for the whole job . I have an estimated delivery date for June 25th . I hope that nothing else will happen meanwhile . I don't know when my cabinets will be ready ? I am assuming before the 25th . I can't wait until the whole job is all done . I don't want to see any workers in my house for a very long time . Shanghaimom can you post pictures or the link of your Carrara bathroom ?

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This one has Carrera basketweave floor, Calacatta gold vanity top and white subway walls and shower.

It is all actually very white--terrible photos.

It is also our laundry room.

Here is a link that might be useful: bath/laundry with Carrera and Calacatta

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Thank you Shanghaimom for the pictures . I love your vanity top . It's beautiful and shiny . Did you seal it ? With what ?
As my DH wants the polished look , I'll go with it now . If it turns to be a pain , I can hone it later on.

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Lillo, Thank you.

The vanity top is NOT shiny and NOT beautiful these days. It was full of etches from water cups, soap from hand washing, and toothbrushes after only a few weeks....

It was sealed with some marble sealer from the Tile Shop--I forget what--the little jug is black and gold and was about $85. I think it helps with staining but etching is another story.

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