Ivory grout turned white!

mic111June 30, 2012

I very carefully selected an ivory grout that matched my tub. The installer used Grout Shield, a product that is a mix-in sealer by Miracle Sealants Company sold at Home Depot.

The grout dried white. We've tried the grout efflorescence remover and it is still white. Has anyone found a stone enhancer with a yellowing effect? It think this is our best hope.


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Thy have a stain you can paint your grout to most any color you want.

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Thanks. I've used that before on some floor tile and it is like a rubbery paint that is very hard to get off tile. Unfortunately in this application I have the round river rock so to use the grout recolorant I would have to try to paint around all the rocks. Also it can come out a bit streaky because of it's rubbery consistency. I did buy a test bottle and tried it on my test grout board. It was a chore to get it off the rocks and impossible to only get between the rocks.

I have a granite counter that was installed many years ago. They used a stone enhancer that turned the white parts yellow which is what we wanted. Unfortunately the place is out of business but I was hoping someone here had some experience with a similar product.

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