glue-up project help!

stevec50November 5, 2003

I had a project where I had to laminate both sides of 'cut-outs'. These cut-outs were to be glued to flat sticks, like paint stirrers. I can't tell you how many types of glue I went through and have yet to find one that gave me a permanent bond. The kids would wave these cut-outs in the air and within minutes the laminated paper would come off. I ended up stapling the cutouts to the stick. Not bad but I'd rather go with just glue.

Any hints or help out there?

Thanks for any help that you can give me


P.S. I'm using the EZ Laminator, a great machine!

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hi Steve,
run down to Walmart (or Michaels if money is no object --hehe! ...or probably any good craft store) and look for "red-liner" tape. At Walmart, you'll find it near the scrapbooking items, at least in my local one. It comes in a roll, no dispenser, in a plastic bag. This stuff is better than glue. I've heard of using it to hold the bumper on a car! It IS strong!
Since you have both sides of your paper laminated, I would think it might be best to insert the stick (with tape) between layers --if I'm understanding what you mean.
Let us know if that works for ya!

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Lia, I'm going to look for your red-liner tape. I'm willing to give anything a try! I can't put the stick in between. My EZ Laminater does both sides at once and won't let something that thick (the stick) go through it.
Thanks for the tip.

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Have you tried extra-hold, double-stick carpet tape? I use it in lots of craft projects. Lia's red-liner tape is also a great idea. If I'm not mistaken, this tape was first used for holding a toupee in place!
jackie (alabama)

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Hi Jackie,
No, I didn't try your idea but I WILL go and get some. I just have to get this thing beat! For a toupee huh! Now all I need to find is a blond carpet! :o)
Thank you, Lady.

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