OT: My new baby doll!

christmascandySeptember 6, 2011

I have been out of town for a week, so am late posting the picture of my new baby doll. She has lots of dark hair, but it is hidden under the cap.

Here she is with her big brother and me....

She was sooo tiny, 5 lb. 8 oz. and had a rough first day, but is doing quite well now.

I had to work today, but will be seeing her very soon.



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Candy, sweet picture of the three of you. Her big brother has the perfect shirt on. Did you buy that for him? You look like a very proud GMAM! So happy she is doing well now.

I was at the grocery store after work tonight and this little guy wanted to come home with me. Out of the blue he told his mom, "I want to go with her". I told his mom I would be fine with that! Guess my chicken or smile brought on that one.LOL I love little ones.


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How precious! She does look tiny. So glad that she is doing better now. I don't know how GC can wrap us around their little finger so much easier that our own kids did, but they really do. It must be because we have our kids raised and have more time to enjoy them. I was reading a sign in a catalogue the other day that said "Grandkids are the reward for not killing your kids" I used to tell my kids, I never thought about giving any of them up for adoption until they got their drivers license, and by then I couldn't find anyone that would adopt them.My oldest son told me the other day that he remembered me telling him that I hoped his kids turned out just like he did, and my daughter ask me one time when she was fussing with her daughter if I wished that on her. Isn't it more fun being a Grandmother?Enjoy that little angel, Janet

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Oh Candy, both of your grandchildren are precious! Such a sweet little lady and her handsome brother. And you! A proud grandmother that looks young enough to be their momma! Thanks for sharing your joy with us.

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I love this photo, Candy. The little one is so precious,
proud brother Cody is a doll himself, and YOU are one BEAUTIFUL gal.

hugs, Karen (who's so glad you're back home)

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What a sweet picture of the three of you. Glad the baby is doing better now. Your grandson looks quite proud as do you--and I love his little shirt.


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Wonderful picture, Candy. You and Cody look so proud!
I'm glad the baby is doing well, how is her mama doing?
What is her name?

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Marlene Kindred

Great picture of all of you! Such a sweet new angel. Glad she's doing well now and I'm sure big brother is very proud of her!

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Thanks everybody.
My daughter is doing very well. She recovered from the C-section much faster than the last time. In fact she has already been cleared to drive!
The baby's name is Dylan. The big brother shirt was actually bought by my mother, the proud Great Grandma!!

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Candy...sorry I'm late to reply to your post...

What a lovely picture of All three of you!
Dylan looks just precious and Cody looks so proud as the
'Big Brother'..you look 'MAV-ALOUS' !!
Glad to hear all is well with both Dylan & your Daughter.
Now everyone can relax and enjoy all the good times to come.


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Candy, I'm so glad your DD and the baby are doing well.
I'll bet Cody is a big help to his Mom. He is so cute!!
My oldest DGD's name is Dylan too.

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Oh, candy! That is a RL baby doll! You are so blessed! And this pic tells it all! Beautiful pic! TFS! Jeanne S.

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How precious! My first g child weighed barely 5 ls, so don't worry, they grow quickly!
God bless !

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Catching up on some older posts and first of all Congrats Candy on your precious new granddaughter :) Her 'big brother' looks so very happy and proud of his little sister - secondly I must admit I was sure that was a picture Dylan's mother since I have never seen a picture of you before - you are way too young looking to have two grand children. It is so nice to have a face to put to an online name - again congrats and most of all enjoy :) .....


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