a big thank you !!

Nebgranny98November 21, 2002

I want to sincerely give a big "THANK YOU" to Tiger, marciakm, Country Bumpkin, MaryAnn TX, and Dixiespell, for all your help with Candy Wrappers. You all were so willing to post your helpful suggestions. I have learned so much from all of you , and finally made my first really nice wrapper. This is indeed the best Forum site on the NET. I so enjoy my computer and all the fun things one can do with it. This site has given me so many great ideas and friends!! A BIG HUG AND SMILE


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Thanks to you too, Nebgranny! We all learn from each other.
I'm glad that your wrapper turned out and would love to see it!
My friends here at home all think that I'm the most creative talented person! LOL I always tell them that I just happen to have creative talented friends that help me out!! So a BIG THANKS to everyone here at the forums that help me look good!! (S)

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I am so glad that you are making those wrappers now! Make a few more changing the graphics, colors, etc so you won't forget all you've learned! Then SAVE SAVE SAVE your designs! Soon as Christmas is over, it is time to start designing valentines wrappers!

My latest project: The little candy M'M's in the little tubes. I am going to decorate the tubes with personalized Christmas designs on them--should be great in stockings or as favors at our company Christmas Dinner!

This site is great because of all the sharing from wonderful people like you and everyone else here!

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Hi Nebgranny,
I'm so glad that you got the candy wrappers to work. After I suggested using WordPerfect you wrote back and asked about Microsoft Works. I tried and tried to make Works work so I could write back, but unfortunately that is not nearly as user-friendly to me. I love WordPerfect and Printmaster Platinum. I would love to see the wrappers that you have designed. What occasion are you making them for? Isn't this a wonderful, friendly, helpful sight? I love it and all of you nice folks!

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