Heighth of Vessel Sinks

fredmcJune 10, 2009

We are installing a vessel sink in our bathroom and don't know what the proper heighth of the bowl should be. Can someone that has one measure the distance from the edge of the sink(bowl)to the floor. My first thought is that it should be the same as a regular bathroom sink but that doesn't look right.


Fred Mc.

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Vessel sinks usually are set a bit higher than the undermounts. The base cabinet of the vessel is typically 30" in height and a typical sink can be up to 6" high thus making the height upto 36".

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We have many vessel sinks and IMHO there really isn't a "rule of thumb" - it's more about your height and taste. If you are average height to tall, you should be OK setting the vessel completely above counter height, but if you are short, you may want to lower it into the countertop a bit by widening the hole. You don't mention if you are redoing the cabinet that it will sit on. If you are, you can adjust the height of the cabinet to accomodate the height of the vessel.

I've put a link to an article that might help you further.

Here is a link that might be useful: how to install a vessel sink article

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homey_bird is right on. We did ours with a 30" counter height plus 6" vessel so that the vessel top is at 36" from the floor.
In our next bathroom I might go even higher maybe 38" to the top of the vessel.
Best thing to do is to set it up yourself. Get a piece of plywood or even a book. set the vesse on top. ask someone to hold it for you. then play with the height to see what is most comfortable.
Then back calculate the countertop, then the vanity etc.

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It really depends on the type of vessel sink, on the vanity height, on your height(s) and on your personal preferences. There's no simple 'right' number...

I'd do a mock up. Have you and your wife both stand with your eyes closed and reach out to an imaginary sink to wash your faces, brush your teeth, whatever else... Wherever your hands reach out to -- be sure your sink rim is a few inches below that.

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We recessed ours so it wouldn't be too high. Our vanity top is 33 1/2" and the vessel sinks extend 2 1/2" from the vanity top. 36" total height works for us.

Here is a picture:

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if you are looking to buy travertine or marble sinks, DEKO Tile has a great selection.. you should check it out - I have otwo of their v vessels installed in my guest bathroom, it looks amazing...

Here is a link that might be useful: Sinks at Deko Tile

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