Hi Everyone :). A post to cover everything I hope.

milosmom_gwSeptember 13, 2011

First off , HELLO everyone *waving*!

I promised moons ago to get back here on a more regular basis , but best laid plans of mice n men as we know. I had just gotton back into the feeling of wanting to actually do something decorating wise and that got curbed.

My son, much to my dismay has had a horrible time the last few years educational wise and problems fighting with a particular couple of boys. It all started stressing him out so bad , I retained him a counselor. They were able to faciliate moving him to an alternative school to help him graduate and hopefully alleviate the stress. In doing this ,he was able to move to live with his dad to be in that district. That's something he's been wanting for a number of years but it wasn't feasible as his dad was a full time college student. Now that he's older and dads college schedule has lessoned, it worked out. It was like a horrible loss for me for quite awhile as I've had him with me all his life but I'm adjusting to the new "norm" and applying what his couselor told me was some "well deserved me time".

We hauled him in for a medical go over to make sure there wasn't anything else out of whack. Gawd!! did we get a suprise in the worst way. My almost 17 yr old "baby" had high bloodpressure which was sky high (200/113). He was put on major meds to bring it down and off to more Drs. After some tests , it showed he has an enlarged heart. More tests forthcoming to see if they can find the root cause.

In the midst of all this , one of our Pugs (Remi the wild one) took a tumble while running in the yard and pulled muscles in his back/legs so off to the ER vet. Shot,mega steriods and crate rest were the order. That's easier said than done with the brat that doesn't like to be carried as he's "busy" and all 4s belong on the floor in his opinion. lol

He's on the mend now thankfully.

Tomorrow , Mickey , our heartworm+ "foster" boy starts his shots for treatment. It's horrible stuff and can be very tedious to manage. ugh!

I'm totally ready for this year to GO AWAY. Haven't had any time at all to decorate but it's gonna happen , I swear.

Hope all is well for everyone!!

Karen : Nice!! finds on your shopping excursion. It brightened my day to see you feeling a little better and more like venturing out. U deserve it. :) I have 3 of the ribbon candleholders like you found (TS find). Mine are an awful brass looking finish though and on the list for re-do, just haven't gotton there yet.

Punk: Praying for your sons speedie recovery.Long time sufferer myself but to stubborn to have any surgical impediment until I can't go anymore.

I know I've missed several things , but I've been trying to catch up in what little time I've had.

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Good Grief...you have had your hands full, on top of far too much this year! I sure hope things settle down so you can enjoy the two big holidays, and end this year on a GOOD note! 2011 has really been a bad one, worse than I can remember in a long time, for so very many people. This must be the year of Murphy's Law.

I hope your son is ok. Scary to have someone so young with high blood pressure and enlarged heart. Tho that seems more and more common with young athletes now too. I am glad the you got him to doc to find out what's going on.
He will always be your baby, I've found age doesn't matter one bit. (my Jason will be 39 this Nov, but he is still mine.) Isn't it funny how we worry so much about them when they are LITTLE, and end up getting grey hairs and more worry just when we least expect it!! Being a Mom is sure a tough job, huh?

I can't imagine keeping a Pug on crate rest....but I bet its very similar to keeping a Whippet on one. I'm not sure who's more miserable, them or us. LOL. I hope you and Remi get thru this, and poor Mickey having heartworm.

When things settle down you definitely NEED some Me Time.
Be good to yourself. I wish I could offer some help, but only have prayers and a shoulder to cry on (email anytime).
When you feel like screaming, DO it. Take a pillow, go out in the yard, and yell into it till its all out of you!
(Screaming in the house just upsets the dogs, LOL.)

Hang in there, Girl.
hugs, Karen

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(((Karen))) Of everyone I've ever met here, I always know I can count on you for a positive thought and encouragement, even when you're having hard times of your own. Bless you!!
Trust me, I've played over & over in my head about all the young athletes lost in recent years from seemingly unknown problems. I've always griped a blue streak over my sons crappy grades but now I'm kind of counting stars that he couldn't qualify to play football. We had a million arguments over it but it's probably best he didn't knowing what we do now. Last year, there was a boy (17) in a neighboring school district that collapsed half way through a basketball game and was deceased by the end of it. Sooooo awful horrible time for everyone and I can't help thinking now, that same thing could have happened to Bubba if he had played.
I know he's still your baby but your Jason is a very very special man all in himself. :)
We're not even gonna talk about the grays that have majically appeared on my head in recent months *sigh* , thank you Clairol.
I'd rather do a HUGE # of other awful things than crate rest a pug. Geeeeeez! , especially a high strung one. lol
Poor Remi has been MAD and I've been miserable listening to him so we're about even at this point. I don't know much about whippets but I don't imagine it being a pleasant experience with them either.

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Have you tried a Kong toy for Remi? They are supposed to be great to keep puppies occupied, or crated dogs. If you don't know about them, just google and get all the info.
Petsmart carries them. I've heard nothing but raves about these things, I should have one here in case I need now I have the little one.

Yes, you are very lucky Bubba didn't play football under the circumstances.

Thank you for such sweet comments about me, and Jas. I felt "hugged".

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Gosh, milosmom, I'm so sorry about the problems with your son.
being in a different school should help with the stress he is under. Thank God You took him for a physical! I wil keep him in my prayers.

I don't know much about Pugs, but I hear they are very independent little dogs. I hope Remi doesn't have to be on crate rest much longer.

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MM, Sorry to hear that you have more problems, but glad that your son is getting the medical attention he needs. I'm sure the experience of living with his Dad will be a positive influence and the new school will be a welcome change to get him that diploma that is so necessary in today's society!
We don't have pets, but I am sure it is hard having to crate one of your babies even if it is for his own good! He will recover soon and then it will be better. Hang in there. I don't know anything about heartworm either, but while you are out going to the vet....
Maybe a little retail therapy?? LOL
That's my cure for everything; feeling sad, nervous, upset,...go shopping! Candy's cureall!

It does seem that you have had a very trying year, but remember to take some time for yourself and just put one foot in front of the other and you will get through this.

Glad you popped in to share with us, and hope you are back doing your fab tables soon.


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MM...I'm so sorry to hear about all the hardships you've been going thru.
Thank God for the physical that discovered your son's health condition. A parent feels so helpless when something like this happens, but I'm sure you must feel relieved that it was found, and will be taken care of.
I'm praying all goes well for him with his health.. at his new school, and living with his Dad.
Sorry to hear about your little pug too..it's so hard when a pet is sick or injured.. they're frightened and confused - and have no voice to tell us exactly how they feel...So the best medicine is lots of love & care...an 'extra treats' !!
Hope he's on the mend soon.

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Hi MM, glad you checked in to let us know what ha been going on in your life. Sorry to hear that your son is having problems, I have a friend with a son in a simular situation. He has been having to sit on the bench this season because of being diagnoised with and enlarged heart and high blood pressure. It has been rough on him too, he wants to play football so badly. Prayers for your son and you. When our kids are sick, we are too. We have been missing all your great decorating, so jump back in anytime you feel like sharing. Janet

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MM...isn't it something how that old adage goes about things working in "mysterious ways" ...sounds like it's been happening at your home with your son. Sending good thoughts & prayers to you & yours ...& good luck with that little pug guy...that will be a challenge! Jeanne S.

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Hi Milosmom; nice to "meet" you. I'm sorry to hear about your son's problems and hoping that the future holds nothing but a bright and long future for him.

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milosmom, I am so glad that your doctor has your son's blood pressure under control now. I noticed you said that his grades are bad and problems with other peers. Have you ever had a neuropsych done to determine whether he has ADHD or other cognitive problems that may have led to the poor performance in school? Our son was having such a hard time in grade school, and often got picked on by other kids. We had a full evaluation done by the school, but his IQ was so high, they didn't think anything was wrong - that he was just "lazy". It wasn't until his freshman year in high school that we found out he was dyslexic and he finally got the education help that he needed. He went from D's & F's to being on the honor roll with a lot of individual help by his teachers.

It sounds like your son is in his last year of school, and although it may seem too late now, I would actually ask for a full evaluation of him. Because if they find cognitive difficulties, the public school system should be helping him with life skills so that he can qualify for the help in either college or tech schools. Just a thought. It took my son 6 years to graduate from college with a business degree, but because of his IEP he was able to receive help from tutors in college.

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