Smelly Dishwashers?

sail_awayMay 16, 2013

First, I want to say once again that you all were right! When I was looking for a DW, I expressed concerns about actually just scraping a plate and putting it in the DW. Before, I had been thoroughly rinsing everything that went into my old DW--practically prewashing. The no-rinse, just scrape routine has been working flawlessly.

My other concern was about the DW possibly smelling if the dirty dishes remained in the DW for 36-48 hours before being washed. Again, you were right---no problems.

Then I decided that, in some cases, it's easier to ''scrape'' the food scraps off the dishes by rinsing quickly under running water to get any larger pieces of food off and then placing in the DW. I now find that, every once in a while, I do notice a slight odor when I open the DW door on the next day to load dishes. I'm convinced it is because the dirty dishes are wet from the slight rinsing. The odor isn't really strong, and it does not linger on the dishes after they are washed. I have gone back to mostly just scraping dishes, but when it's clearly easier to rinse slightly, I go ahead, knowing there might be a slight odor problem.

The reason I'm mentioning this is that I know in the past there have been posts about problems with DW odors. I'm wondering if some of you who have had problems are using the rinse and hold cycle when you don't wash the dishes right away? That may be the cause of, or at least contribute to, the DW odors. Just thought I'd pass along my observations.

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Just two months ago I had a new Fridigaire dishwasher installed. I just love this dishwasher, it's stainless inside and out, it gets everything so nice and clean, including plastic ware and the plastic ware doesn't get turned upside down and end up full of water.... The one thing I noticed first off is that the door is heavy, rather then feeling light and plastic like, like my last dishwasher... The door on the new one tends to close all the way when I shut it after loaded dishes, instead of staying slight ajar. This got me to thinking maybe I should try to prop it open slightly, otherwise with it shut and air tight I could see odor being a problem (comparing it to a front loading washer in my mind), especially since I do not run it every day, maybe every 2 or 3 days.
So, I fold up a hand towel and place it over the top of the door to keep it slightly open. Maybe this will work for you?

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That's a good idea. It makes sense that it would help. I'm not having much of a problem with the odors, but I wanted to post my observations in case they might help someone else to find the root of the problem. I know others have said that the smell i so bad that the dishes smell bad after they are washed. I only notice a slight odor, usually about the time the DW is full and I'm ready to start washing. I've just gone back to scraping the majority of the dishes without running them under water. That seems to have eliminated the problem here.

I totally agree with your comments about how wonderful it is to have a DW that works so well. I didn't know what I was missing all those years.

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