Keeping marble shower clean

ev2012June 28, 2013

Six months ago, we remodeled our master bath. Our shower is white marble which I clean daily with mild dishwasher liquid soap, and weekly with a granite & natural stone cleaner. It's clean and very attractive. A few weeks ago I noticed yellow staining at the bottom of the shower. It does not appear to respond to my cleaning. I am puzzled as to what is causing this and why my natural stone cleaner is not removing it. I should add that we have been careful to only use ph neutral products in the shower. Any thoughts and suggestions?

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I should add that the shower was sealed 6 months ago and the yellow staining is appearing at the bottom of the walls, just above the floor.

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Stop washing the walls with soap. I believe the residue is tending to run down and stain the lower walls.

Neutral PH liquid soap is fine for you.

When you finish the shower and dry off, use the towel to dry the walls.

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White marbles can contain ferrous minerals(iron).
They are also absorbent . The stone can absorb moisture in a shower stall from the sides ,edges and the underneath. It sounds like the stone is absorbing water from the joints. Silicone will help but the yellow stains is the iron oxidizing. It's rust.
Sealers don't help this issue much because moisture will find a way in.
This doesn't happen all the time with white marbles but every now and again we see this.

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