combination bathroom fans/heaters

finallyrenovatingMay 5, 2012

Do the combination fan/heaters really work well? It seems illogical to have the heater on the ceiling (heat rises, right?) and to combine it with the fan. Wondering though, where to put a portable heat unit in very small bathroom with newly added shower (can't put it as wall unit). Anyone know anything about these ceiling things? Appreciate any tips!

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We have a Panasonic fan/heater/light in our master bath and it's fantastic, I highly recommend it. We were just going to get the fan/light and our GC told us to get the one with the heater I'm glad we did =)

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I have the same one as Lynne and love it. That said, we have an exhaust fan inside our shower as well. The bathroom is large and our shower is 4' X 8'. The exhaust fan inside the shower is a light/fan combo.

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Yes we have one in our bathroom and it helps a lot. Turn it on and shut the door and the bathroom warms up enough for a shower in a about 5 minutes.

We had one once the blew our hard enough that I used it for a hands-free hair dryer :)

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Panasonic heater/fan here also, in two baths. Works great.

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