This Sunflower Lover Made a Big Score!

lynninnewmexicoSeptember 17, 2010

I ran errands in town today and stopped by TJ Maxx to return something for DD. Did a quick run-through in their housewares department . . . of course ;^D

I'm so glad that I did, because I found this beautiful, one-of-a kind (at this store) covered pie dish. Now, I'm sure that if it someday showed up in a thrift store, it would be less, but I thought that $14.99 was a darn good price for such a beautiful, detailed piece in perfect condition. It's stamped "Oven & Microwave safe", which is nice, but I can't imagine putting that top in a hot oven! I'm sure it'll work in my warming oven, though, and I'll use it as a shallow serving dish, too.

Lynn (who has a big smile on her face)

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Ohhhhh I Am Sooooo Jealous !!
That is absolutely beautiful... I love it.
I can see why you are smiling..Great Score.
The price wasn't bad at all for that and you're right
it's very detailed.
Lucky you and I'm also smiling ' For You'


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Oh, man! It's great. And it has a sunflower too! I bet you're as pleased as punch.

Sometimes I feel a little guilty when I pay more than GW prices because a lot of the gals on this forum live so close to outlets. But in my world, $14.99 is more than reasonable for something a little out of the ordinary with such detail. Good job, Lynn.

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Yep, I'd have paid that for it too. Its a beautiful piece,
and you should enjoy it for years to come.

hugs, Karen

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ohhhhhh, I love it! Great bargain for such a cheerful piece (& I'd be expecting "piece of pumpkin pie," too!) Jeanne S. (I love TJMaxx...such unique finds!)

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Absolutely gorgeous.

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Sunflowers are one of my favs too, and that sure is a pretty piece. Bet it made you smile when you found it. :o)

OA, do you know where the nearest TJ Max is around here? I only know where to find Marshall's, Home Goods, and Ross.


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While I am a true TS junkie, occasionally I find things at TJ Maxx/Home Goods that are just too great to pass up.
I would say your pie plate is definitely one of those great deals. It is so perfectly "Fall."
It would look great as a decor item or with a yummy pie inside.

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It is beautiful, Lynn!

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Lynn, your pie plate is beautiful. I think it was very reasonably priced. I have the Over and Back Pumpkin Pie Keeper. Not fancy looking like yours but I still like it.LOL


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Ms. Lynnie, that is so beautiful...I'm smilin' for you!!!!

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OOOOOOOOO, AHHHHHHHHH, some things are just worth the price we have to pay. It'll be great for decorating and serving.

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