Multiple photos per page?

mare_wbpaOctober 28, 2006

I hope this is not a ridiculous question. Is there a way to print out more than 2 different photos per page? I have 4X6 pictures and need to make them wallet size to fit them to 1 or 2 scrapbook pages. It seems such a waste of photo paper to print just 2 wallet size photos per page. TIA for any help.

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I remember last year I brought up a blank page of labels. that were 6 to a page I think and then I copied and pasted a different photo in each space and they printed out ok. I d did the same thing with little address size lables for Christmas presents. I put the photo of the person thegift was for on the labels.
that's what I remember about it.

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You might check out This is a free photo editing program from google that I've heard good things about. I'm not familiar with it, but I've heard it's very basic and easy to use. It might have a layout feature that would let you do it. I know it's only available for windows, not mac. (That's why I'm not familiar with it!). I use photoshop, but that can be very complicated. A photoshop elements cd often comes in the box with digital cameras and printers. You might have it. But picasa is probably easier.

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You need to be specific about what program you are using to print with. There are a million ways to do it depending on what you are using.

Here is a universal way:

Open picture in "My Pictures" folder. Right click on picture and select Print. Follow the wizard. The last step will allow you to choose "wallet" and print mulitple pictures on a page.

This isn't the best way - I prefer using my Photo Editing program- but it works

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Thanks everyone. After I posted I finally did figure it out using Photo Explosion Deluxe. Iowagirl, thanks for your input. I tried your way, it's easy and does exactly what I was trying to do. I think I was just trying to make things difficult for myself. Obviously I don't print photos much. What I did came out really well though. Think I might do more in the future.

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