pc createit ?

smirkOctober 19, 2002

Does anyone have any problem logging

on to this page. I've paid my subscription

fee and they gave me a log on number

but when i try it, it says page cannot be displayed, i called them and they gave me another number to use

but it says the same thing. Use to get invalid code

number now get this knew page. Any ideas what's wrong?



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HI Smirk....I tried my link to the templates and got a blank page...then went in the Home Page and noticed they're only allowing subscribers into the templates now......I don't subscribe, so couldn't try and log in...so long story short (LOL) I can't help. I would get back in touch with them....
You do have Cookies enabled, right? Sorry I'm not more help.

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Is this the webpage for the magazine? I've been trying to find the mag and can't in the stores.

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yes it is,i found it hard to find so
i just subscribed. Get it earlier then
in stores.

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As i said, in the above post i
subscribed but as of yet still have
not received my magazine. After several
calls and always a promise there sending
it right out ( nothing) They defiantly won't
be in business much longer if this is the way
there running things now. would have told people
to get this magazine ( it use to be really neat)
save yourself the money.Use to be able to find
it in book stores and on magazine racks in local
grocery stores.Still have a web page but it's been
the same thing for a long time.

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Here's a link to their current issue... March/April 2003. That should tell us something... they've missed June brides, Fourth of July, August at the seashore, beginning of school, Halloween, autumn, Veteran's Day, Thanksgiving, and of course by now should have done a Christmas/New Year issue. It really looks doubtful that we'll see any future issues.

Here is a link that might be useful: PC Create It - Current Issue - March/April 2003!

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