patches_02October 29, 2003

I think it's sad how slow this

forum moves. Just not much going

on any more.Where have all our

crafters gone?


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Patches- I think a lot of the forums are slow right now. I usually hang out at the comp help forum and it has been real slow lately. Maybe when winter sets in people will be back!! haha

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creativemom really died when it went pay-to-play

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I'm still here, ladies. The problem for me is that my printer isn't working so I've slowed way down & also I've been very ill & just got out of the hospital. What kind of stuff do you do? Do you do crafting? Let's get this party started.

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I'm not crafty but I like to come here and check out what everyone else is doing. I do mostly graphic stuff on here.

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Taunia, sorry to here you have been
ill,glad to hear your back. I'm usually
game for trying most any of these crafts.
just miss seeing the posts lately.
Maybe we can get going again.

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Taunia, sorry to hear that you have been ill. I missed seeing your posts. You always shared alot of good sites, I missed that. Glad your back.

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In order to see computer crafting ideas here, someone has to actually post them, not just lurk and look for ideas - LOL!! So if you have a project you are working on, post it and share with the rest of the forum.

You just can't sit back and wait for someone else to share all her/his ideas and not contribute yourself. If everyone lurks, yes, this forum will be dead. No doubt about it!

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I remember when I got my computer in 2001 and found this place. Yes, it has changed...maybe because of the pay and maybe people have just lost interest. I can't figure it out either....but when I go to any of the different forums now, it seems that the same posts are right there and not moving. On the KT someone complained about some things that were said, and it has gotten very boring since that time, but that wouldn't be the problem on the crafting forums. this time of year....there were all kinds of ideas and posts here...

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I also have had some computer problems. I have been using other forums rather than the craft forum. Have been remodling our house this year and changed campers. Have gotten lots of good advice. I compiled a cookbook from my moms recipes. I typed the recipe on MS works then copied and pasted it into a 1/2 fold greeting card in my print shop program. For the divisions I used photos of my siblings and I during our growing up years. Scanned them and used them. For another version I used pictures of our farm and our pets. IMHO what I have to pay is very minimal for the benefit I get out of it. I must confess however that my payment was due in June and it was the middle of August before I needed to post and payed my way.

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I remember when the computer craft forum was just buzzing with energy and ideas. I for one feel when we went to pay many people left. I myself may not pay another year. Things are so slow and not as much fun as before.

It is really sad , as I got so many wonderful ideas and made a couple of very good friends through this forum. But it is just not the same!! Try as I may to enjoy it , it is just not the like it once was. I would like to see it move and shake like before.

To those of you posting, please do not take the above wrong, you are sending some good stuff. It is just that the board has changed and that makes those of us from the busier times know it and miss it so!! Love NebGranny98

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Hi!! I'm still here. After-all, the crafting forums are what brought me to THS to begin with. Then I started going to the Computer Help and the KT and a few others. Over the years I have found so many neat ideas here.
It's true that when we went to pay that we lost many posters. Also every time a new 'specialty' forum was formed it divided us. We used to have only the Crafts & Decorating and the Holiday forum, then others were formed such as the Computer Crafts, Toll Painting, Scrapbooks, Paper Crafts, etc. So instead of all those crafters posting to the same forum, they are split up. So I think it's a mixture of both things that have slowed us down.

I have many neat craft ideas that I learned here and I don't mention them because I think everyone here knows about them. But there may be new posters who haven't seen or heard these ideas and it might be a good idea to post them. Of course then I think....well, this project is really a Christmas craft, so maybe I should post it at the Holiday forum instead of here. LOL

Why don't all of us who come here regularly try to post craft project or idea every day or two. Maybe that will help get interest going again!

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