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saraha62October 8, 2004

I'm trying to figure a way to match the fabric of the window treatment in my kitchen to placemats.... But I don't want fabric placemats, I want laminate/plastic/vinyl/wipe-able placemats....and the fabric on the curtains is way too big to fit on a placemat. I need to somehow shrink it AND transfer it to paper and then laminate it.

I'm wondering if Kinko's has really big copiers that I could put the fabric on, shrink the pattern (and keep the colors reasonably true) and copy it onto a photo paper (that is placemat size or larger) and then they could laminate it for me. Actually, I'm sure that such a thing is possible but I don't actually need $20 placemats. Would it be cost-prohibitive, do you think?

Does anyone have a better idea or experience with such a venture?


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Do you have a digital camera? Just take a picture of your fabric, manipulate the image to any size you want, then continue with your plan as above (print on cardstock, laminate, etc.).

You can buy laminating sheets, or use clear plastic that comes in rolls, or have the laminating done at a printing shop. (Or do you have a Xyron machine - that would work.) Just depends on how thick you want the laminating plastic and how much you want to spend.

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You can always call Kinko's and ask. If the area you want to copy is larger than 11x17 it could be pretty pricy for color.

I think Red Confetti has the best idea. Hang the fabric flat against a wall and shoot as straight on as possible to minimize the distortion. Shoot at as high a resolution as possible. If you want the placemats larger than you can print at home, Kinko's can print the digital files for you. Call them for details of file type and resolution that will give the best result with the equipment they have.

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